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I have downloaded the Emboss source and installe...

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I have downloaded the Emboss source and installed it for use at XYZ University without any difficulty. The administration guide has advice on configuring the software using emboss.default, and has examples for allowing access to SRS indices. That appears to be done via the program getz, which is not part of the Emboss package.

A) If you have SRS installed (so you have local SRS index files) you will have a local copy of the getz program, which is part of SRS.

If you do not have SRS, you can build your own index files using dbiflat, dbigcg (if you have GCG), dbiblast (if you have blast) and dbifasta. This is the usual solution for sites that have no other database indexing in use.

You can also use SRS servers remotely, to get single entries, using their URLs. No extra software is needed (EMBOSS just uses the HTTP protocol).

Of course, if you really need to build your own SRS indices you could install it. SRS is a commercial product, but academic licences are available. But as I now work for the developers of SRS, and this is the EMBOSS bug mailing list, I shall say no more :-)

(Peter Rice 9 Jan 2001)

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