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Is there an Acorn Archimedes version of RasMol?

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Is there an Acorn Archimedes version of RasMol?

Note: all known versions of RasMol for different operating systems, including Acorn RISC, are available through the Getting RasMol page.

The Acorn Archimedes (ARM) version of RasMol has been ported by Martin Wuerthner at the University of Stuttgart, "". The Archimedes distribution is available at the following sites: HENSA (difficult to reach for users from outside the UK): (in /micros/arch/riscos/e/e089/rasmol.arc), the University of Kaiserlautern (Germany): (in /pub/acorn/long/science/chemistry/rasmol.arc), and the University of Stuttgart (Germany): (in /pub/systems/acorn/riscos/etc/rasmol110.spk).

The first RISC OS release (1.10) of RasMol has the following features in addition to those of the X version:

  • runs on all Acorn 32-bit RISC computers under RISC OS 3.1 or higher, supports all display depths up to 24 bpp, just about runs on a 2MB machine
  • fully supports RISC OS cooperative multitasking even while rendering the image
  • Floyd-Steinberg colour dithering for 16 and 256 colour modes
  • support of both the RasMol mouse mode and a more RISC OS-like way using a tool bar with rotation/translation/slabbing etc. tools
  • extended menu structure (e.g. sub-menus to enter parameters for display options)
  • exports native RISC OS bitmap format, RISC OS drag-and-drop support

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