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US-CT-Cheshire: Research Associate in Biotech

Date: 02-Apr-2013
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Research Associate III, Protein Sciences

* The RA III actively contributes to the protein sciences division of the discovery research group by performing and developing binding assays (such as ELISA, FACS), as well as routine protein purification and characterization in collaboration with group members. * With guidance of Research Scientist, the RA III will develop both pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assays for new drug candidates, using conventional plate-based and cell-based techniques. * The RA is expected to independently plan, design, execute and troubleshoot experiments * The RA III is expected to participate in methods and tech transfer of assays interdepartmentally. * The RA III will be responsible for detailed record keeping using established electronic notebook procedures, as well as keeping internal databases updated. * The Research Associate III will report research progress through individual and group meetings, presentations and written documents both internally and externally. * The RA III does not have managerial responsibilities.

* The Research Associate III should have a minimum of 5-8 years of relevant experience and exemplify the following attributes: o The candidate should demonstrate a track record of organizational skill and exquisite attention to detail. o The candidate should be able to plan, design, execute and troubleshoot projects with minimal supervision o Good oral and written communication skills are essential.

* The individual in this position will have a working knowledge of the research laboratory environment and be familiar with all basic and some complex laboratory equipment / instrumentation * The RA should have technical expertise in the following areas: ELISA, W Blot, IP, electrophoresis, protein purification/expression, binding assays, aseptic technique/cell culture. Some familiarity with flow cytometry, standard molecular biology processes (cloning, expression), Octet kinetics applications, and enzyme assays is desirable. * Software experience with Unicorn, LaserGene, MS office GraphPad Prism and similar applications is also desirable.


* B.Sc. or equivalent degree in Pharmacology, Cell or Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or other biomedical science with 8 + years of relevant laboratory experience, or an M.Sc. or equivalent degree and 3+ years of experience.

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