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Bioinformatics Analysis Tools Links

Analyse & Model 3D Structure
3D Viewers
  • RasMol (Free offline 3D viewer. Download )
  • Chime (Browser plugin for structure view from MDL Chemscape)
  • Cn3D (Browser plugin for structure view used in ENTREZ/STRUCTURE from NCBI)
3D Analysis
  • DOMPLOT (Generate schematic diagrams of the structural domain organisation annotated by ligand contacts at University College London, UK)
  • GenTHREADER (Sequence profile based fold recognition on PSIpred server at Brunel University, UK)
  • 123 (Fold prediction by aligning (threading) to a (set of) structure(s)
  • DALI (Automated Protein Structure Alignment at EBI,UK)
  • LIBRA (LIght Balance for Remote Analogous proteins: search compatible structure of a target sequence by threading at NIG, Jp)
  • MolSurfer (Calculate and navigate protein-protein interfaces at EMBL, Heidelberg)
3D Homology Modelling
  • CPHmodels (Structure prediction by comparative homology modeling at CBS, Denmark)
  • 3DCrunch (Browse database of modeled Swiss-Prot proteins at ExPASy, Switzerland)
  • SDSC1 (Protein structure homology modeling server at SDSC, USA)
  • List of comparative modeling tools (at the Rockefeller University, NY, USA)
  • Swiss-Model (Automated protein modeling server at ExPASy, Switzerland)
  • FAMS (Fully Automated Modeling Service at Kitasato University, JP)
  • 3D-Jigsaw (Comparative modeling server at Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK )
  • Meta PP (Collection of structure prediction services at Columbia University, USA)
Bioinformatics Analysis Tools Links