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Chemistry Instrumentation

Chemistry Instrumentation Sites

  • National Instruments - this corporation offers software for scientists who want to automate laboratory tasks.

  • IBM Patent Server Home Page - allow you to do a quick and precise search for a patent using inventor name, assignee, claims, or full text searches.

  • Chemical Separations - provides a series of multimedia outlines of many of the more important chemical separation and extraction techniques in use today. Techniques covered include: distillation, phase extraction, and nearly every form of chromatography.

  • SpeedSite English/Metric Conversion - need to convert your cubic inches to fluid ounces? Or your centimeters into miles? Visit this site, type in your values and SpeedSite's handy CGIs will do all your calculations for you.

  • Surface Science Techniques and Acronyms - a tables-based list of surface science techniques and commonly used abbreviations. This site describes the basics of each of the techniques and includes links to sites for further reading. The site is quite comprehensive; it gives a brief history of almost 100 techniques from Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) to X-ray Standing Wave (XSW), before entering into the science.

  • Chromatography - features access to an interactive forum covering the areas of gas chromatography (GC), high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE).

  • Spectroscopy - offers an excellent tutorial review of theoretical spectroscopy. Beginning with an overview of the quantum physical interpretation of the molecule, the tutorial goes on to develop a theoretical basis for the application of the wave function to the phenomena detected and encountered by spectroscopy at the molecular level.

  • The Constants and Equations Page - this easy-to-use site represents an ongoing project to list as many scientific constants and equations as possible.

Chemistry Instrumentation