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Pharmacy and Clinical Chemistry

Pharmacy and Clinical Chemistry Sites

  • Cyberbotanica: Plants and Cancer Treatment
    Developed by Lucy Snyder of BioTech, this mini-textbook chapter on medical botany will teach you about the various botanical compounds currently used in cancer treatment and about the plants that produce them.
  • 3-D Structure Database of Chemicals With Pharmaceutical Activity - a database of over 400 3-D molecular structures. It is browseable alphabetically or searchable by name. Along with the models, which you can rotate or change the display mode, the database also gives you the IUPAC name and the molecular weight of the compound.

  • CenterWatch - a huge clinical trials listing service.

  • PharmInfoNet's Drug Database- a very large database of all sorts of pharmaceuticals.

  • Dr. Bob's Psychopharmacology Tips - an excellent, interesting site of advice and tips about prescribing a wide range of psychiatric medications. The tips are searchable, and are mainly generated from discussions on a psycho-pharm mailing list.

  • Drug InfoNet - contains information on pharmaceuticals and drug interactions, disease descriptions, health care news, and links to a wide range of related resources. The amount of information available on drug information alone is impressive. Detailed on-line documents, complete with drug structures, dosage, clinical trial information, and much more are easily accessible using the search engine.

  • Drugtext USA Homepage - a comprehensive site of information on all types of drugs, including news related to drug issues, treatment of drug addictions, legal issues, drugs in other countries and much more.

  • Glaxo Wellcome Pharmacology Guide- offers information relating to, among other things, the molecular basis of drug action (including sections on receptor subfamilies, G-proteins and ion channels), neurotransmitter systems and receptor binding techniques.

  • The Internet Drug Index - an exceedingly handy database for looking up pharmaceuticals by name or drug code. Also contains a table of information on the 200 most-prescribed medications. You can search drugs by brand or generic name, drug interaction, side effects and symtoms.

  • Molecular Recognition Section of the National Institutes of Health- another big meta-site with a wide range of offerings.

  • PCS HealthSystems Performance Drug List - the formulary for the managed pharmaceutical care organization, PCS HealthSystems. The clinical formulary is organized by sections that refer to either a drug class or disease state. Each section contains a list of frequently used therapeutic regimens. Within each list are products, their generic name or brand name, prescribing guidelines, applicable dosage forms, relative costs, and pharmacological strengths.

  • Pharmaceutical Information Network Homepage - this extensive and well designed page is dedicated to providing high quality scientific information about pharmaceuticals and their actions in the human body to professionals, researchers, students and the general public.

  • Antibiotic Guide - contains the 1997 guide to antibiotic therapy prepared for a teaching affiliate of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Includes tables of antimicrobial agents, costs, indicators, and treatment recommendations.

Pharmacy and Clinical Chemistry