BioTech FYI Center - Resources




Crop Plants

  • Cell Transformation in Tobacco Leaf Disks - provides a tutorial protocol for the transformation of eukaryotic plant cells via infection with Agrobacterium.
  • Soybean Protocols - includes micropropagation (through somatic cell embryogenesis), transformation by DNA coated microprojectiles, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, and preparing liquid culture media.
  • Wheat Transformation Procedures - includes wheat tissue culture recipes, sterile dissection, culture, and transformation of wheat immature embryos, biolistic transformation, molecular characterization of transgenic plants, etc.

Plant Collection

  • How to Collect Voucher Specimens - explains how to collect, preserve, and label plants and pollen for use as an indicator of where insects are likely to settle or forage. Although text-heavy, it provides a respectable overview on how to dry and press plants for identification purposes.

Tissue Culture

  • Artificial Vegetative Propagation - explains some general procedures for the artificial stimulation of vegetative propogation in many types of plants. Methods covered inlcude stem cutting, leaf cutting, simple layering, air layering, and tissue culture.
  • Culturing Plants From Embryonic Plant Tissue - a very simple teaching laboratory, targeting first-year undergraduate and high-school biology students.
  • Plant Tissue Culture - a concise overview of plant micropropagation for the novice. The document focuses on encouraging plant enthusiasts with little biological background to carry out their own experiments in tissue culture to reproduce their favorite plants for enjoyment or business.


  • Dendrome Laboratory Protocols - a good basic set of tools for molecular genome analysis with a special emphasis on application to trees, and organisms related to forest health.
  • How To Diagnose Black Walnut Damage - a diagnostic reference for the various ailments that might be afflicting your favorite black walnut tree. Each of the most common assaults on black walnut health is then linked to detailed descriptions of the problem with recommendations for alleviating it.