BioTech FYI Center - Resources



General Microbiology Protocols

  • Technical Tips Online - a forum supported by Elsevier Science which allows scientists in multiple disciplines to communicate technical information to the rest of the scientific community. The source of each protocol or tip in this rather large database is very well documented.
  • Lab Methods - techniques include smear preparation and Gram-staining procedure. Test include catalase, citrate, coagulase, and indole test.

Protocols for Pathogens

  • Infectious Diseases Laboratory Notebook - contains information about how to maintain an infectious disease lab notebook. Offers methods and procedures, including instructions for Gram staining.
  • Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori - an informative site that contains a simple explanation of several techniques for testing for H. pylori, the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers.

Assorted Specific Protocols

  • Experimental Protocols for Cyanobacteria - includes a pigment calculation program, S-State simulation program, protocol for assaying phycobiliproteins in Fremyella diplosiphon, and cryopreservation techniques.
  • Bacterial Transformation by Electroporation - a basic protocol for the transformation of E. coli cells by electroporation. Included within the protocol are basic instructions on growing and preserving electrocompetent cell aliquots.
  • Golden Lab Protocols - offers several well-written molecular biology protocols related to Synechococcus. Specifically, the page describes transposon mutagenesis, conjugal plasmid transfer from E. coli, preserving cyanobacteria strains via freezing, and RNA extraction using hot phenol.
  • Gregarine Protocol Page - contains some procedures common to the study of gregarines. Included are methods for staining, mounting, and fixing these protozoans.