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Lab Animal Care



  • The Jackson Laboratory Induced Mutant Resource Genotyping Protocols - basic procedures for mouse-related molecular biology are posted, such as mouse DNA isolation from tail biopsies, and blood.
  • Protocols and Application Guides - includes techniques for plasmid purification and extraction, isolation of genomic DNA from blood or tissue (including mouse tails), the use of electrophoresis products, and the use of protein and peptide HPLC columns.
  • Protocols for Big Blue Experiments - contains some DNA and tissue manipulation protocols for use with the Big Blue system for mouse transgenics. Techniques include: tissue isolation from bone marrow and colon, DNA purification and sequencing through bacteriophage lambda vector, and selection for marker genes.
  • Rossant Lab Protocols - procedures (some of which are illustrated) for embryonic dissection, mounting, and in situ hybridization. In addition, the page recommends a PCR genotyping protocol, and a method for immunostaining of whole mounted tissue. A nice set of tools for mouse genetics.
  • Schimenti Lab Technical Protocols (The Joy of Cloning) - listed are basic techniques for DNA isolation (including agarose and acrylamide gel purification) and extraction from various tissues (including mouse tail and brain preparations). The manual also describes such techniques as spin column chromatography, Southern blotting, colony screening, and cell culture protocols.


  • Comprehensive Protocol Collection - an excellent methods page dedicated to techniques relating to C. elegans, both on a macro- and microscopic level.
  • Jorgensen Lab Protocol Database - a comprehensive molecular biology resource with a large variety of methods and protocols relating to nucleic acids and proteins, with a focus on applications relating to nematodes. Also provided are techniques for PCR, Northern & Southern blotting, bacterial and yeast transformation, light microscopy, electron microscopy, microinjection, and high-yield DNA preps.
  • Protocols - a protocol for Tc1 mediated target selected gene inactivation via reverse genetics is presented for use in nematodes. This technique is prefaced by an explanation of reverse genetics and its applied use in the study of the nematode genome. Also described is a simple protocol for transposon insertion display.


Other Zoological Methods

  • National Zoological Park Genetics Technical Corner - technical details of laboratory protocols and genetic analyses that have been used or developed in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the National Zoo. Specifically, it includes bead and nylon versions of their highly detailed microsatellite cloning protocol (available in MS Word, RTF, and .sit and .zip text formats).
  • Methods for Preserving Amphibians and Reptiles for Scientific Study - a simple overview of how to preserve herpetological specimens. It covers euthanizing, injection and slitting, fixing, labeling, and storage.