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Bioinformatics - Miscellaneous collection Miscellaneous

Bioinformatics - Miscellaneous collection Miscellaneous

Recent U.S. patents related to Bioinformatics:

6,369,295: Uses of transgenic mouse containing a type X collagen mutant
6,368,840: Acyl-CoA oxidase homologues
6,365,389: Human protein kinase H2LAU20
6,365,387: fabG
6,363,399: Project-based full-length biomolecular sequence database with expression categories
6,362,326: 11 cby genomic sequence
6,362,318: Protein called EPIL/placentin, process for the preparation of this protein and pharmaceutical composition containing such, DNA coding for said protein
6,361,978: Production of biotin
6,361,975: Mouse aspartic secretase-2(mASP-2)
6,361,967: Axor10, a g-protein coupled receptor
6,361,965: YfiI pseudouridine synthase
6,359,116: Compounds
6,358,741: Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and methods of use
6,358,725: Mouse aspartic secretase-1 (mASP1)
6,358,722: Heat tolerant phytases
6,358,721: Human p101 regulatory polypeptide
6,358,707: Human F11 antigen: a novel cell surface receptor involved in platelet aggregation
6,356,863: Virtual network file server
6,355,470: Genes encoding picric acid degradation
6,355,462: Disease resistance factor
6,355,452: Human histamine H3 gene variant-2
6,355,450: Computer readable genomic sequence of Haemophilus influenzae Rd, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
6,355,426: Methods for the characterization and selection of RNA target motifs that bind compounds of pharmaceutical use
6,355,423: Methods and devices for measuring differential gene expression
6,355,419: Preparation of pools of nucleic acids based on representation in a sample
6,353,093: gidB
6,353,092: Patched-2 polypeptide
6,352,843: YsxC from Staphylococcus aureus
6,352,840: pskG
6,351,712: Statistical combining of cell expression profiles
6,350,600: trmD
6,348,585: Human urotensin II
6,348,341: Human p101 regulatory polypeptide
6,348,339: Enzymes involved in degradation of branched-chain amino acids
6,346,403: Methionine metabolic enzymes
6,346,397: GyrA
6,346,396: MurA
6,346,395: Nucleic acids encoding Streptococcus pneumoniae FabG
6,344,542: Human EDG3sb gene
6,344,342: Human G protein coupled lysophosphatidic acid receptor
6,342,371: Interleukin-1 homologue, IL-1H4
6,340,568: Method for detecting and classifying nucleic acid hybridization 6,340,564: yhxB
6,338,966: Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
6,337,181: Method of specifying vaccine components for viral quasispecies
6,334,099: Methods for normalization of experimental data
6,332,897: Assay methods
6,331,662: Plant retroelements
6,331,411: TopA

  • tRNA - (1964) - 75 bases (old, slow, complicated method)
  • First complete DNA genome: X174 DNA (1977) - 5386 bases
  • human mitochondrial DNA (1981) - 16,569 bases
  • tobacco chloroplast DNA (1986) - 155,844 bases
  • First complete bacterial genome ( H. Influenzae )(1995) - 1.9 x 10 6 bases
  • Yeast genome (eukaryote at ~ 1.5 x 10 7 ) completed in 1996
  • Several archaebacteria
  • E. coli -- 4 x 10 6 bases [1997 & 1998]
  • Several pathogenic bacterial genomes sequenced
    • Helicobacter pyloris (ulcers)
    • Treponema pallidium (Syphilis)
    • Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease)
    • Chlamydia trachomatis (trachoma - blindness)
    • Rickettsia prowazekii (epidemic typhus)
    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)
  • Nematode C. elegans ( ~ 4 x 10 8 ) - December 1998
  • Drosophila (fruit fly) (2000)
  • Human genome (rough draft completed 5/00) - 3 x 10 9 base

Research Groups in Bioinformatics

Prof Werner Dubitzky-Research group @ University of Ulster
Ruben Abagyan
Terri Attwood
Geoff Barton
Paul Bates
Tom Blundell
Peer Bork @ EMBL
Steve Brenner
Fred Cohen
Computational Genomics @ EBI
Computational Genomics @ Sanger Centre
Roland Dunbrack
Equipe de Bioinformatique Génomique et Moléculaire
Mark Gerstein
Adam Godzik
Liisa Holm @ EBI
Simon Hubbard
Mark Johnson
David Jones
Mike Levitt
LMB Theoretical and Computational Biology
Ludwig Institute
Bob MacCallum
John Moult
Michael Nilges
Chris Ponting
Burkhard Rost
Andrej Sali
Ram Samudrala
Roberto Sanchez
Manfred Sippl
Jeff Skolnick
Mike Sternberg
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center
Janet Thornton
Ilya Vakser
Gert Vriend
Rebecca Wade
Shoshana Wodak

Bioinformatics Legal Issues

American Bar Association's Discussion Lists on Science and Technology
American Bar Association's Section on Science and Technology Law - Life Sciences
Bio-Science Law Review
Biotech Patent Fights
Biotechnology: The Next Litigation Frontier
Biotechnology and the Law - Washington University Law School
Biotechnology Law Report - requires paid subscription
Boston U. Journal of Science & Technology Law, Symposium on Bionformatics and Intellectual Property
Does patenting delay publishing?
The Elephant & the Fruit Fly - Managing Intellectual Property Rights in Strategic Alliances
Ethical Issues in BioComputing
FindLaw: Intellectual Property
Goodwin Proctor Bioinformatics Law Article
Google Directory - Science > Biology > Bioinformatics > Law and Ethics
Growth of biotechnology law
Hale and Dorr Bioinformatics Law Article
Homestead 2000: The Genome
Intellectual Property Rights and Research Tools in Molecular Biology
Internet Patent News
IP in the 21st Century Webography: Rights in Biotechnology/Human Genome/Genetic Engineering
Judge's Journal: Genetics in the Courtroom Issue
Judicature: Genetics in the Court
Jurist - Intellectual Property Bioinformatics Law article
Legal issues surround programming bioinformatics
Legal Research Guide: Intellectual Property
Lex Mercatoria: Biology and Life Sciences - excellent legal research site
MedBioWorld: Law & Biotechnology
Mintz Bioinformatics Advisory Feb 2002
Mintz Bioinformatics Advisory Nov 2001
Open-source debate enters the genomics arena
Patents In The Bioinformatics Field: Releasing The Gene Genie features: Legal
Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology in the U.S.
Research Guide to International Intellectual Property Law
Software in Biology, Healthcare Poses New Legal Issues
Technology Law & Policy Journal
Tips for Licensing Biotechnology
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
The Virtual Chase - excellent legal research site

Organizations and Associations

Associations / Organizations:
AAAS American association for the advancement of science
AACC American association for clinical chemistry 
AACR American association for cancer research
AAN American academy of neurology
AAPS American association of pharmaceutical scientists
ACM Association for computing machinery
ACS American cancer society
AHA American heart association
AIChE American institute of chemical engineers
ALA American lung association
ALS-TDF ALS therapy development foundation
Alzforum Alzheimer research forum
AMA American medical association
AHRQ Agency for health care research and quality 
ASCB American Society for Cell Biology
AusBiotech The Australian biotechnology association
Bay Area bioinformatics Bay Area Bioinformatics Discussion Group Website
BII Bioinformatics Institue of India
Bioinformatics-India Hub for bioinformatics professionals of indian origin Non-profit, academe-based organization
BioPathways Consortium The biopathways consortium American chemical society
CFF Cystic fibrosis foundation 
CNRI Corporation for national research initiative
DCAT Drug, chemical and allied trades associations
EBF European federation of biotechnology 
EMBL European molecular biology laboratory
FAO Food and agriculture organization of the united nations
FAS Federation of American scientists
FASEB Federation of American society for experimental biology
FRAXA Fragile X syndrome research foundation
Free Software Foundation Free software foundation concentrates on development of new free softwares
GCAT The genome consortium for active teaching
Gelato Consortium focused on enabling open source Linux-based Itanium computing
GenomeNet Japanese network of database and computational services for genome research
HGVS The human genome variation society 
HUPO Human Proteome Organisation
IBAB Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore, India
ICGEB The international center for genetic engineering and biotechnology
BIMATICS Bioinformatics Open Student Society
INBIOS Bioinformatics society of India
Inflammation Research The inflammation research association
IRA Inflammation research association
ISCB The international society for computational biology 
NAASO The North American association for the study of obesity
NCGBC North Carolina Genomics & Bioinformatics Consortium
NCGR National center for genome research
NGS National geographic society
NLM National library of medicine
NSF National science foundation
NY-SGRC New York Structural genomics research consortium
Open-Bio Open bioinformatics foundation Open Source Initiative
PRF Protein research foundation, Japan
Proteome Society Proteome Society
SFN Society for neuroscience
SNP Consortium Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Biomedical Research Colloboration between universities from 5 continents for bioinformatics education Stress Genomics Consortium
TIGR The institute for genome research
UMBC University of Missouri bioinformatics consortium
WHO World health organization
Government Agencies
Beijing Genomics Institute Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics, Chinese Academy of Science
Biomed-Singapore Singapore 
BTISnet Biotechnology information system network, India
CDC Centers for disease control and prevention, USA
DHHS Department of health and human services, USA
FDA Food and drug administration, USA
Keio University Institute for Advanced Bioinformatics
NAS National academy of science, USA
NBIF National biotechnology information facility, USA
NCGR National center for genome resources, USA
NHGRI National human genome research institute, USA
NIDDK National institute of diabetes, digestive and kidney diseases, USA
NIMH National institute of mental health, USA
NINDS National institute of neurological disorders and stroke, USA
NLM National library of medicine, USA
ORNL Oak ridge national laboratory, USA
SANBI South African National Bioinformatics Institute
Bioinformatics - Miscellaneous collection Miscellaneous