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Bioinformatics Interview Questions and Answers

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User Study during Bioinformatics course: Interview questions
User groups: natural science students, chemistry students, molecular life science students, PhD’s of CMBI

Why are you interested in bioinformatics?

What are your main research interests?

Did you work on any group projects/ assignments? What was the assignment about? How did you assign the tasks in the group?

Could you think of a research task where work in a group could be beneficial?

Did you use any bioinformatics tools before?
a. If yes:
i. Which tools?
ii. How frequently?
iii. In what experiments, how did you use them?

Are you planning to use bioinformatics tools after the course?
b. If yes, for what purpose/experiments?
c. If no, why?
i. Do you see benefits in using these tools for the research purposes?
ii. Do you see benefits/long-term benefits in putting an effort now and later in learning these tools?

Do you think that if using these tools for scientific purposes they could lead you to the new research questions/provide you with innovative knowledge in an efficient way?

What are the important aspects you think these tools should support? (<- for the questionnaire may be ask participants to rate items)
d. motivation
e. creativity
f. personalization [1]
g. collaboration between scientists
h. group work
i. support during the whole experiment flow
j. reliability of the output
k. trust

Have you ever used/seen one o the workflow systems? (<-may be only for PhD’s)
l. Taverna
m. Kepler
n. Triana
If yes, what did you think, are they useful?

Part:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16 

Bioinformatics Interview Questions and Answers