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Biotechnology Tutorials

Biotechnology Tutorials

Basic Tutorials
Foods from Genetically Modified Crops (pdf), San Diego Center for Molecular Agriculture march2001
Plant Biotechnology in Canada - pdf - Crop Protection Institute of Canada, June 2001
Field of Genes, Making Sense of biotechnology in Agriculture, 4-H Council
Biotechnology in Our Food Chain, Schools Project UK
Waiter, there's a gene in my food, Australian Broadcasting Corp 1999
GMO Poster, Cornell (pdf)
A Guide to Biotechnology in Crop Production, NC State
Genetic Engineering of Food, Feed, and Fiber: Understanding Genetic, NC State
Agricultural Biotechnology, a Virtual Tour: "Look Ma, No Seeds in my Watermelon"
Field of Genes, WhyFiles
GM Food - Safe?, Vega Science Trust - Transcript
Engineering Crops in a Needy World, Minnesota Public Radio 2000
Biotechnology Backgrounder, Purdue Univ
Straight Talk about Biotechnology - DuPont
CyberSciences - Biotechnologies, Quebec Canada

Intermediate Tutorials
Editors' & Reporters' Guide to Biotechnology, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Genetically Modified Crop Debate in the Context of Agricultural Evolution, CS Prakash may2001
Genetic Engineering in Agriculture, CM Rader june2001
Unit 9: Transgenic plants I
Unit 10: Transgenic plants II: economy, environment and ethics
UCBiotech, University of California, Berkeley
Iowa State's Biotechnology Information Series
Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide - Colorado St Univ, 1999
The Biosafety Protocol
Backgrounder on genetic modification of crops and animals, Univ California 10dec1999
Dispelling 'Frankenfear' - Pro Global 07july2000
Designer Seeds, Beyond 2003
What is Biotechnology?, Lemaux, UC Berkeley
Innovation - AFFA Australia
Informing the Dialogue About Ag BioTechnology, Cornell
Council for Biotechnology Information's Brochure
Biotech Basics - Monsanto
IFT Backgrounder on GMO, gmoback.pdf download
Expert Report on Biotechnology and Foods, Institute of Food Technologists aug2000
GM Foods and the Consumer, Australia New Zealand Food Authority june2000
Biotechnology and Food, ACSH sept2000 (pdf)
Genetically modified crops: the social and ethical issues, may1999 (pdf)
Agriculture 2000, California Agriculture magazine special Issue
Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts april2000
Genetically Modified Foods, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
General Biotechnology Information - AfricaBio

Advanced Tutorials
Nat'l Academy Press, The Future Role of Pesticides in U.S. Agriculture (2000)
Smith Report - Seeds of Opportunity 13april2000 (pdf)
Nat'l Academy Press, Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: (2000)
Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture (by 7 national science academies) july2000

Molecular Biology Tutorials
New York Times on the Web - requires free registration
The Composition of Life - animation - NY times
These animations require  Hypercosm Player plug-in
Gene Splicing Primer - animation - NY Times
DNA Replication Process - animation - NY Times
The Scale of DNA - animation - NY Times
Educational Courses on the Web
Principles of Protein Structure
BioEd: Biology Education Resources
Protocol Online-You lab's reference book
Plant Genome Database Tutorial
Beginner's guide to Molecular Biology
MendelWeb Homepage 97.1
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
The Biology Project, Univ Arizona
Molecular Biology - The Biology Project, Univ Arizona
CEPRAP Educational Software - Virtual DNA Fingerprinting Lab
Exploring Our Molecular Selves
DNALC: Biology Animation Library - a Bio OnLine site
The DNA Files, Soundvision Productions 1998
The DNA Learning Center
Molecular Biology: General Information and Tutorials
BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook

PCR Methods
Quick Guide for PCR - Alkami (PDF)
DNALC: Biology Animation Library
Molecular biology protocols
Biotechnology Tutorials