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Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences

Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences

2007 conferences

Animal Health Research: Recent developments and future directions

24-26 January


Therapeutic Applications of Computational Biology and Chemistry 2007

11-13 March

Genomic Disorders

21-23 March

Microbial Genomes 2007

11-14 April

Humanising Model Organisms to Understand the Pathogenesis of Human Disease

1–4 May


Animal Biotechnology and its Application to Animal and Human Health

14-16 June

Vaccine Development Technologies

4–6 July

Genomics of Common Diseases

7–10 July

Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness

11–15 July

Interactome Networks

29 August–2 September


Mouse Molecular Genetics

5-9 September

Evolution of Brain, Behaviour and Intelligence

12-14 September

Integrative Approaches to Brain Complexity

27-30 September

Functional Genomics and Systems Biology

10-14 October


17-21 October

Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences