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Bioinformatic - Proteomics Software Tools

  1. ADVICE Automated Detection and Validation of Interaction by Co-Evolution (ADVICE) takes a list of protein sequences or sequence pairs as input and uses orthologous sequences to assess the similarity in the evolutionary history of the proteins. It is suggested th
  2. ANTHEPROT ANTHEPROT (ANalyse THE PROTeins) is to integrate into a single package most of the methods designed for protein sequence analysis.
  3. CNplot CNplot is a network visualization tool that can be used for large-scale networks, as long as they are pre-clustered.
  4. Graphviz Graph layout software for protein network.
  5. InterViewer InterWeaver is a tool employing two approaches to detect potential protein interactions by searching for and interpreting evidence available from on-line databases. The first approach finds homologues for a sequence and searches for interacting partners i
  6. Osprey Application for graphically representing physical and genetic biological interactions; is coupled with the General Repository of Interaction Datasets (The GRID); available for Unix and Windows.
  7. Pajek Program for Larger Network Analysis.
  8. PIN To visualize the protein's interaction and function annotations. The software allows the user to search for information on putative protein interactions and function classes.
  9. Teverna Taverna is a tool for creating and running bioinformatics workflows.
Bioinformatic - Proteomics Software Tools