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Problems finding PHYLIP acd files ?

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Problems finding PHYLIP acd files ?

A) The 1.0 release of EMBOSS should be able to find the acd files in the install directory or in the original source directory. If you have copied the phylip binaries to another location and removed these files you can still point to the new ACD directory.

If you have installed PHYLIP to the same top directory as EMBOSS i.e. by default this is usually /usr/local/ (via make install) then if you set the following in your .embossrc file then your PHYLIP acd files will be found in


if you have not installed PHYLIP then you will can set emboss_acdroot to the directory containing the acd files or copy them to the emboss/acd directory.

To tell EMBOSS where to find the files, specify the full path of the ACD directory in your ~/.embossrc file, or in the emboss.default file.

env emboss_acdroot /usr/local/share/EMBOSS/acd/

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