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This resource is maintained by and Damian Counsell, UK Medical Research Council Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research (the RFCGR) 1998-2004.

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Education: Where can I study Bioinformatics...

  • Africa?
  • the Americas?
  • Asia?
  • Australasia?
  • Europe?
  • ...remotely?

This section is not complete, but contributions to broaden its coverage are welcome. Please do not direct questions about eligibility, course quality or admissions policy to me, but to ask the individual institutions directly. Use the links to obtain contact details. If an institution doesn't provide telephone numbers/email addresses or snailmail details on its Web site it doesn't deserve your patronage.

This resource focuses on complete, full-time degree programmes rather than on individual study modules. Curating a list of the latter would be a full-time job. You can go to other places, however, if you are looking for short courses. Thanks to various contributors, including Wentian Li who pointed me to this list at Rockefeller which is mirrored at various other sites. And to Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga for mailing me a link to the ICSB, where you can find this list.

If you are interested in U.S. programmes, here's a list from Curtin and here's a list from Stanford. Thanks to Amelie Stein who also supplied some of the individual entries in this section.

Those wanting to find programmes in the Asia Pacific region could have a look at this resource maintained by the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network APBioNet. Thanks to Sentausa.

In the UK The Bioinformatics Resource (part of the BBSRC's CCP11 project) project maintains (among many other resources) lists of (mainly) British Masters and PhDs in bioinformatics. If you have any suggestions or updates please contact me with them. You can publicize your course and offer a public service at the same time.


Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa offers an MSc. in Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology. Thanks to Natalie Twine.

Cathal Seoighe wrote a while back about the South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI). Ruediger Braeuning has since written to point out that bioinformatics training in South Africa has been radically reorganized. He says:

"A new institute, the National Bioinformatics Nework (NBN), has been created. We have nodes at Universities all over the country (UWC, UCT, SUN, RU, UKZN, UP, WITS). Our main tasks are to:

  • develop capacity in Bioinformatics
  • perform world-class research
  • support local Biotechnology initiatives

"We do offer courses on various topics in Bioinformatics ranging in length from 3 days to several weeks. We also train Bioinformaticists on MSc, PhD and post doc level. Undergraduate programs are currently being developed. Bursaries are available. For more information visit our Website."

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Bioinformatics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Universities