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What is a Living Modified Organism (LMO)?

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What is a Living Modified Organism (LMO)?

State one other desirable feature which could be genetically engineered into crop plants.

Name the bacterium from which the Bt gene is isolated.

What feature of monoclonal antibodies makes them useful for biochemical testing?

Other than forensic DNA fingerprinting, state another application of this DNA profiling technology.

What should be included on the gel to enable you to determine actual sizes of the DNA fragments?

State two advantages of using immobilised enzymes.

What term is used to describe animals which have had their genome altered by recombinant DNA technology?

Injecting live viruses to stimulate the production of antibodies is which type of immunity?

Describe how you would determine the number of viruses present.

Name the dye commonly used as the counterstain in the Gram staining process.

What kinds of metrics would you gauge to determine the financial, strategic and operational health of a prospective alliance partner?

How would you value a biotech company as opposed to a consumer products company?

How to run DOCK 6 using cygwin?

Explain Homology modelling?

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