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I have just installed ChemBio office 2010 and ha...

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I have just installed ChemBio office 2010 and have been trying to use Chemdraw 12.0 in Excel. However despite Chemdrawexcel12 being ticked in the "add ins" I can not access any Chemdraw functionality. Is their any fix for this?

Have a look at the ‘disabled items’ in Excel. You can find the same by the following way:

Launch Excel 2007 and click the Microsoft Office Button. Now click the Excel Options button, it will open the categories pane, click on Add-ins. In the details pane, locate the add-in in the Disabled Application Add-ins list.

The Name column specifies the name of the assembly, and the Location column specifies the full path of the application manifest.

In the Manage box, click Disabled Items (select “Disabled Items” from the drop down list for “Manage” in the Excel Option dialog box), and then click Go. Select the add-in and click Enable and click the Close button.

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