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Why don't my Chime files work from my server? Wh...

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Why don't my Chime files work from my server? Why is Netscape asking me to find the plugin when I already have Chime installed and working? My files work perfectly from my PC hard disk!

Your server administrator needs to set the MIME types needed by Chime on the server, including at least these 3:

    .pdb chemical/x-pdb
    .spt application/x-spt
    .js application/x-javascript
If you are using any other types of files for Chime, such as XYZ files, those need to be set also. The complete list can be seen by pulling down the Help menu in a Netscape where Chime is installed: click About Plugins, and find the list under Chime. The details of how to set the MIME types depend on the details of the server and should be known by your server administrator. Details for some common servers are listed at MDLI's Chime FAQ.

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