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US: Senior Associate Scientist - Microbiology/Molecular Biology

Date: 19-Aug-2016
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Senior Associate Scientist - Microbiology/Molecular Biology


Demonstrated proficiency in proper handling of bacterial isolates and clinical samples. Mastery of aseptic technique and familiarity with BSL2 safety practices for working in the laboratory. Key member of whole genome sequencing core team; ownership of WGS pipeline and oversight of colleague/client sequencing runs. Identification, culture, storage and tracking of bacterial samples; both clinical isolates and laboratory strains. Support colleagues in the laboratory by performing routine laboratory duties that can include preparation of media, stocking of reagents, ordering supplies. Develop and follow standard operating procedures. Preparation of research findings in reports or for presentation as well as documentation of all work in electronic notebook. Presents research findings in lab, group, team and departmental meetings/forums. Work efficiently as part of a team in a matrixed environment.


BA/BS in Microbiology/Clinical Microbiology/Molecular Biology, with 2+ years of relevant laboratory experience. Familiarity with standard laboratory methods for culturing of bacterial pathogens, experience with Molecular Biology techniques and basic data analysis. Ability to work semi-independently. Adept at using personal computers including word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and other relevant scientific software. Motivated, flexible and willing to learn new skill sets.

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