BioTech FYI Center - Jobs

Are you a biotech professional? Are you looking for a job? We have selected a collection of good job opportunities for you. See the current job opportunities listed below.

Current BioTech Job Opportunities

01-Nov-2017 US: Scientist- Method Development

01-Nov-2017 US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

07-Sep-2017 US: Bioanalytical Associate Analyst

07-Sep-2017 US: Research Associate II

11-May-2017 US: Scientist, Staff (Oncology)

11-May-2017 US: Bioanalytical Project Leader

05-Dec-2016 US: Research Associate in Biotech

05-Dec-2016 Switzerland-Zurich: Senior Scientist

25-Oct-2016 US-MD-Gaithersburg: enior Scientist / Principal Scientist

25-Oct-2016 US: Senior or Principal Biostatistician

30-Sep-2016 US-CA-MountainView: Scientist I / Scientist II, GXP Bioanalysis

30-Sep-2016 US-CA-SanDiego: Clinical Research Associate

09-Sep-2016 US-WA-Everett: Pathology Associate

09-Sep-2016 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Scientist in Biotech

19-Aug-2016 US: Senior Associate Scientist - Microbiology/Molecular Biology

19-Aug-2016 Switzerland: Scientist In Biotech

01-Aug-2016 US: Senior Scientist Chemical Biologist

01-Aug-2016 US: Clinical Specialist

17-Jul-2016 US-NY-Reno: Scientific Associate in Biotech

17-Jul-2016 US: Sr. Clinical Research Associate- Oncology

29-Jun-2016 US: Research Scientist in Biotech

29-Jun-2016 Canada: Sr. Clinical Research Associate

10-Jun-2016 US: Research Scientist in Biotech

10-Jun-2016 US: Senior Research Scientist in Biotech

24-Apr-2016 US: Scientist in Molecular Biology

24-Apr-2016 US: Bioinformatics Scientist

29-Mar-2016 CHINA-Beijing: Scientist in Chemistry

29-Mar-2016 US: Scientist, Biological Analysis

17-Mar-2016 US: Associate GMP Quality Manager - Vaccine

17-Mar-2016 US-MA: Intern, Oncology and Neuro

11-Mar-2016 US:Senior Scientist in Biotech

11-Mar-2016 US: Research Associate II

03-Mar-2016 US: Biochemical Diagnostic Laboratory Director

03-Mar-2016 US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

25-Feb-2016 US: Sr. Manager, (Molecular Biology)

25-Feb-2016 US-TN-Nashville: Senior Research Analyst

19-Feb-2016 US: Scientistin Biotech

19-Feb-2016 US-NJ-Parsippany: Pharmacist, Formulary & Restrictions

04-Feb-2016 Spain-Madrid: Clinical Research Associate

04-Feb-2016 US: Senior Medical Science Liaison

28-Jan-2016 us: Research Scientist Discovery Biology

28-Jan-2016 US: Senior Microbiologist

21-Jan-2016 US: Product Development Scientist

21-Jan-2016 US-MD-Bethesda: Associate - Public Health

14-Jan-2016 US: Research Assistant / Water Resources Scientist

14-Jan-2016 US: Scientists, Cell-based product development

08-Jan-2016 US: Research Associate/Scientist, Cell Culture

08-Jan-2016 US: Dir, Biostatistics

17-Dec-2015 US: Research Associate in Biotech

17-Dec-2015 US-: Scientist III, Chemistry

10-Dec-2015 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Scientist II in Biotech

10-Dec-2015 US-CA-SouthSan: Scientist III, Molecular Biology

03-Dec-2015 US: Director, Biostatistics

03-Dec-2015 US: Respiratory Biologics Marketing Director

19-Nov-2015 US: Senior Clinical Scientist

19-Nov-2015 Sweden-Gothenburg: Analytical Chemists to Poduct Development

12-Nov-2015 US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

12-Nov-2015 US: Director/Senior Director

05-Nov-2015 US: Project Manager (Ophthalmology)

05-Nov-2015 US: Process Development Scientist

29-Oct-2015 US-WV-Morgantown: Chemist Assistant in Bioanalytical Laboratory

29-Oct-2015 US-MA-Bedford: Research Associate, Microbiology Services

22-Oct-2015 US: Scientist in Biotech

22-Oct-2015 US: Formulations Chemist

16-Oct-2015 US-CA-SanDiego: Clinical Research Associate

16-Oct-2015 US-NJ-Hampton: Scientist in Biotech

08-Oct-2015 US: Associate Scientist in Biology

08-Oct-2015 US-CA -ThousandOaks: Associate Scientist inBiotech

01-Oct-2015 US: Scientist II in Biotech

01-Oct-2015 US: Principal Scientist in biological science

23-Sep-2015 US: Principal Scientist in Biotech

23-Sep-2015 US: Sr Scientist Translational Medicine

20-Aug-2015 India-Karnataka-Bangalore: Scientist -Plant Health

20-Aug-2015 US: Scientist I - Analytical Development

13-Aug-2015 US-Maryland-Rockville:Research Associate - Clinical Research

13-Aug-2015 US: Fellowship in Biotech

06-Aug-2015 HS-NJ-Elizabeth: Sr. Research Scientist I

06-Aug-2015 US-: Scientist II Cell Biology

23-Jul-2015 US-UT-SaltLakeCity: Scientist Sr. - Formulation

23-Jul-2015 US: Scientist III Molecular Biology

16-Jul-2015 US-NJ-FranklinLakes: Senior Scientist in Biotech

16-Jul-2015 US: Regulatory Affairs Specialist

02-Jul-2015 US: Scientist in Biotech

02-Jul-2015 US: QC Analyst I - Microbiology

25-Jun-2015 US: Research Associate I Medicinal Chemistry

25-Jun-2015 US: Field Application Scientist Molecular Biology

18-Jun-2015 US: Drug Safety Scientist

18-Jun-2015 US: Sr. Manager R&D (Synthetic Biology)

11-Jun-2015 US: Lead Clinical Data Manager

11-Jun-2015 US: Field Application Consultant - Custom Biotech

04-Jun-2015 US: Research Associate II

04-Jun-2015 US: QC Analyst in Biotech

28-May-2015 US: Supplier Quality Engineer in Biotech

28-May-2015 US: Senior Scientist

21-May-2015 US: Scientist in Biotech

21-May-2015 US: Sr Director, External Scientific Innovation

14-May-2015 US: Associate Scientist in Biotech

14-May-2015 UK: Medical Science Liaison - Ophthalmology

07-May-2015 US: Quality Control Analyst in Biotech

07-May-2015 US: Clinical Trial Supplies Project Leader

30-Apr-2015 US-NY-Melville: Scientist II in Biotech

30-Apr-2015 US: Senior Analytical Chemist

23-Apr-2015 US-CT-RockyHill: Lead Healthcare Business Systems Analyst

23-Apr-2015 US-CA-Emeryville: PhD Scientist: Protein Sciences

16-Apr-2015 US: Structural Biologist

16-Apr-2015 US: Scientist - Immunology Discovery

09-Apr-2015 US: Bioinformatics Scientist

09-Apr-2015 US: Senior Research Associate - Neuroscience

02-Apr-2015 US-NJ-Somerset: Scientist in Life Sciences

02-Apr-2015 US-CA-Redwood: Quality Assurance Manager in Biotech

19-Mar-2015 US: Sr. Bioprocess Engineer



12-Mar-2015 US-WA-Bothell: Scientist in Biotech

05-Mar-2015 US: Clinical Trial Manager

05-Mar-2015 US-PA-Malvern: Senior Scientist, Biologics Drug

26-Feb-2015 US: Lead Scientist Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical

26-Feb-2015 US: Clinical Scientist in Biotech

19-Feb-2015 US: Analytical Scientist in Biotechnology

19-Feb-2015 US: Associate Scientist in Pharmaceutical

13-Feb-2015 US: Scientific Advisor

13-Feb-2015 US-MD-Rockville: Research Associate in Biotech

05-Feb-2015 US: Clinical Science Specialist

05-Feb-2015 US: Senior Biostatistician/Epidemiologist

29-Jan-2015 US-CA-SanFrancisco: Clinical Research Associate

29-Jan-2015 US-Bothell-Washington: Scientist, Analytical Sciences

08-Jan-2015 US-Bothell-Washington: Research Associate - Molecular Biology

08-Jan-2015 US-: Clinical Trial Manager

02-Jan-2015 US: Associate Director, Toxicology

02-Jan-2015 US: Scientist in Biotech

18-Dec-2014 US: Research Associate in Biotech

18-Dec-2014 US-GA-Marietta: Scientist 2-Immunoassay

05-Dec-2014 US: Statistical Scientist

05-Dec-2014 US--Wisconsin-Middleton: Senior Research Scientist

20-Nov-2014 US-: Scientist in Biotech

20-Nov-2014 US-IN-Indianapolis: Research Scientist - Pharmacoepidemiology

13-Nov-2014 US-: Research Scientist in Biotech

13-Nov-2014 US-MA-Cambridge: Scientist I, Quality Control

06-Nov-2014 US-NY-Ithaca: Director / Senior Director

06-Nov-2014 US: Associate Scientist II, Research

30-Oct-2014 US-Maryland-Rockville: Principal Biostatistician

30-Oct-2014 US-CA-CanogaPark: Research Associate in Biotech

23-Oct-2014 UK-Harbourgate: Associate Scientist

23-Oct-2014 US-CA-SanJose: Senior Scientist, Research in Biotech

16-Oct-2014 US: Associate Sr., Clinical Research

16-Oct-2014 US: Sr Scientist, Bio Clinical Development

09-Oct-2014 UK-Harbourgate: Scientist in Biotech

09-Oct-2014 US: Chemical Filling Group Leader

02-Oct-2014 US: Associate Scientist

02-Oct-2014 US: Scientist III, Drug Concept Discovery, Immunology & Inflammation

25-Sep-2014 US-MD-Rockville: Research Associate in Biotech

25-Sep-2014 US-MA-Cambridge: Senior Associate Scientist/Scientist

18-Sep-2014 US: Clinical Research Physician (Senior)

18-Sep-2014 US-CA-LaJolla: Bioinformatics Analyst

11-Sep-2014 India-Bangalore: Scientific Curator, Pharmacogenomics

11-Sep-2014 US: Biology Leader - Cell and Gene Therapy

05-Sep-2014 US: Expert Scientist Bioinformatician

05-Sep-2014 US: Associate Scientist/Scientist

28-Aug-2014 US-CA-SanFrancisco: Scientist - Pharmacokinetics

28-Aug-2014 US: Research Scientist - Genetic Identity

22-Aug-2014 US: Production Scientist - Genetic Identity

22-Aug-2014 US: Bioanalytical Data Management/QC Associate

15-Aug-2014 US-NE-Lincoln: Bioanalytical Associate Analyst

15-Aug-2014 US: Sr. Clinical Research Associate

31-Jul-2014 UK-:Clinical Trial Assistant

31-Jul-2014 US-Portland-Maine: Chemist in Biological Sciences

24-Jul-2014 US: Scientist in Biotech

24-Jul-2014 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Associate Scientist

11-Jul-2014 US-NJ-ElmwoodPark: Senior Analyst, DNA Sequencing Clinical

11-Jul-2014 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Associate Scientist I, Chromatography

26-Jun-2014 US: Research Associate in Biotech

26-Jun-2014 US-WA-EverettL: Scientist in biological and pharmaceutical

19-Jun-2014 US: Scientist in Biotech

19-Jun-2014 US-WA-Everett: Research Associate I - Formulations

12-Jun-2014 US-NV-Reno: Research Assistant I (Analytical Chem)

12-Jun-2014 US-MD-Bethesda: Sr. Research Scientist EDD

21-Feb-2014 US-NV-Reno: Research Assistant in Biotech

21-Feb-2014 US: Clinical Research Associate

11-Feb-2014 US-CA-Fremont: Director in Biotech

11-Feb-2014 US: Field Services Engineer II

04-Feb-2014 US: Clinical Research Associate

04-Feb-2014 US: Medical Director

28-Jan-2014 US-CA-SantaClara: Bioinformatics Scientist

28-Jan-2014 US: Associate Director in Biotech

21-Jan-2014 US-CA-Santa Clara: Research Assistant in Biotech

21-Jan-2014 US: Microbiologist

14-Jan-2014 US: Scientist Chemistry in Biotech

14-Jan-2014 US-MD: Principal Associate in Behavioral Health

07-Jan-2014 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Scientist in Biotech

07-Jan-2014 US-CA-: Scientist II Molecular Biology

02-Jan-2014 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Research Associate in Biotech

02-Jan-2014 US-MA-Lexington: Scientist in Clinical Pharmacokinetics

24-Dec-2013 US: Sr. Biostatistician II

24-Dec-2013 US-MD: Clinical Research Physician-Respiratory

17-Dec-2013 US-Georgia-Alpharetta: Team Leader for Analytical Research

17-Dec-2013 US-MA-Waltham: Senior Scientist in Biotech

10-Dec-2013 US-CA-SanDiego: Research Associate in Biotech

10-Dec-2013 US-Georgia-Alpharetta: Senior Microbiologis

03-Dec-2013 US: Scientist in Biochemist

03-Dec-2013 US: Research Associate in Biotech

26-Nov-2013 US: Senior Research Associate in Biotech

26-Nov-2013 US: Formulations Chemist

19-Nov-2013 US-WA-Seattle: Scientist - Computational Biology

19-Nov-2013 US-NJ: Assistant Clinical Trial Manager

12-Nov-2013 US-CA-ThousandOaks: Sr Scientist in Biotech

12-Nov-2013 US-MA: Associate Scientist in Biology

05-Nov-2013 US-MA-Waltham: Senior Biostatistician

05-Nov-2013 US-MA-Cambridge: Senior Scientist, Biochemistry

29-Oct-2013 US: Sr Scientist, Bioassay Development

29-Oct-2013 US-MA-Waltham: Associate Director in Biotech

24-Oct-2013 US-FL-Davie: Research Fellow (Pharm Tech)

24-Oct-2013 US: Bioinformatics Scientist-

08-Oct-2013 US-NJ-Elizabeth: Research Scientist

08-Oct-2013 US: Computational Biology or Molecular Biology

01-Oct-2013 US: Research Scientist in Biotech

01-Oct-2013 US-CA-San Jose: Staff Scientist in Biotech

24-Sep-2013 US-CA-San Jose: Bioprocess Engineer in Biotech

24-Sep-2013 US: Production Associate

17-Sep-2013 US: Associate Scientist-Protein and Cell Sciences

17-Sep-2013 US-CA-ValleyView: Specialist, Regulatory Affairs - Sr

10-Sep-2013 US: Principal Scientist, Biomarker Research

10-Sep-2013 US: Scientist, Assoc-Bioinformatic

03-Sep-2013 US: Scientist Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacolog

03-Sep-2013 US: Sr. Biostatistician

27-Aug-2013 US: Scientist- Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology

27-Aug-2013 US: Technology Development Research Specialist

20-Aug-2013 US: Associate Director, Bioanalytical

20-Aug-2013 US-Missouri-StLouis: Associate Scientist in Biotech

13-Aug-2013 US-Missouri-StLouis: Scientist in Biotech

13-Aug-2013 US: Scientist, Biology

06-Aug-2013 Netherlands : Senior Business Development Manager Biologics

06-Aug-2013 US: Sr. Scientist, Pharmacokinetics and Drug Disposition

30-Jul-2013 US-CA-SouthSanFrancisco: Associate Scientist in Biotech

30-Jul-2013 US: Senior Director of Medical Affairs

23-Jul-2013 US-WA-Tacoma: Senior Quality Engineer

23-Jul-2013 US: Chemist / Biochemistry

16-Jul-2013 US: Clinical Trial Supplies Project Leader

16-Jul-2013 US Chemists-Pharmaceutical and Bioanalytical Development

09-Jul-2013 US: Scientist Bioassay Development

09-Jul-2013 US-CA-SouthSanFrancisco: Associate Scientist/Senior Research Associate

02-Jul-2013 US: Research Staff Assistant in Biotech

02-Jul-2013 US-: Lab/Research Technician in Biotech

25-Jun-2013 US-Seattle-Washington: Senior Scientist - Analytical Chemistry

25-Jun-2013 US: Genetic Assistant

19-Jun-2013 US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

19-Jun-2013 US-CA-Redwood: Director, Regulatory Affairs


12-Jun-2013 US-MN-Minnesota: Immunology Specialist Gastroenterology

04-Jun-2013 US-NJ-: Senior Oncology Specialist

04-Jun-2013 US: Director of Business Development in Biotech

28-May-2013 US-VA-Chantilly: Scientist in Biotech

28-May-2013 US-MA-Walpole: Senior Biochemist

21-May-2013 SouthAfrica- Cape Town: Clinical Research Associate in Biotech

21-May-2013 US-Bothell-Washington: Research Associa in Biotech

14-May-2013 US-Bothell-Washington: Associate Director, Bioassay Development

14-May-2013 US: Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Liaison

07-May-2013 US-UT-SaltLake: Biostatistician

07-May-2013 US-MA: Senior Director of Systems Biology

30-Apr-2013 US-MA: Sr. Scientist/ Scientst/ Biochemist

30-Apr-2013 US-Wisconsin-Middleton: Scientist in Biotech

23-Apr-2013 US-MA: Protein Pharmaceutical Development

23-Apr-2013 US:Clinical Project Support Specialist

16-Apr-2013 US-MA: Associate Scientist in Biotech

16-Apr-2013 US: Assistant Scientist - BioChemistry

09-Apr-2013 US-MA-Waltham: Sr. Scientist in Biotech

09-Apr-2013 US: Biochemist-Protein Chemist

02-Apr-2013 US-CA-SanDiego:Biologist-Protein Engineering

02-Apr-2013 US-CT-Cheshire: Research Associate in Biotech

26-Mar-2013 US-CT-Cheshire: Development Scientist in Biotech

26-Mar-2013 US-Indiana-: Senior Biotransformation Scientist

19-Mar-2013 US-Kansas-OverlandParkSr: Clinical Research Associate

19-Mar-2013 US: Scientist in Biotech

12-Mar-2013 US-MA-Walpole: Senior Biochemist

12-Mar-2013 US-RI-Westerly: Clinical Analyst - Cardiology

05-Mar-2013 US: Associate Scientist in Biotech

05-Mar-2013 US-IN-NewDelhi: Bioprocess Specialist

26-Feb-2013 US-IA-Eddyville: Research Biotechnologist

26-Feb-2013 US-CA-Fremont: Senior Scientist in Biotech

19-Feb-2013 US-NY-LongIsland: Analytical Chemist

19-Feb-2013 US-CA-Fremont: Associate Scientist in Biotech

12-Feb-2013 US-MA-Cambridge: Associate Scientist in Biotech


05-Feb-2013 US: Senior Scientist,

05-Feb-2013 US-MD-Rockville: Associate Scientist in Biotech

29-Jan-2013 US-MD-Rockville: Associate Scientist in Biotech

29-Jan-2013 US-CA-: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Faculty

22-Jan-2013 US-Maryland: Bioenergy Faculty

22-Jan-2013 US: Associates I/II, Fermentation

15-Jan-2013 US-MA: Product Manager in Biotech

15-Jan-2013 US:Research Scientist, Senior

08-Jan-2013 US-Arizona-Tucson: Senior Research Associate in Biotech

08-Jan-2013 Australia-Victoria: Formulation Chemist/Scientist

01-Jan-2013 US-CA-SanFrancisco: Scientist Protein Chemistry, Antibody Discovery

01-Jan-2013 US-PA-TrianglePark: Medical Information Scientist

25-Dec-2012 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Associate Scientist

25-Dec-2012 US-CA-Benicia: Scientist in in biochemistry

18-Dec-2012 US: Research Scientist in Biotech

18-Dec-2012 Canada-Montreal: Biostatistician in Clinical Pharmacology

11-Dec-2012 US: Sr. Clinical Research Associate

11-Dec-2012 US-FL-Miami: Senior CRA in Biotech

04-Dec-2012 UK-Cambridge: Research Scientist

04-Dec-2012 US: Biostatistician

27-Nov-2012 US: Research Associate I - Formulations

27-Nov-2012 US-NJ-ElmwoodPark: Senior Analyst in Biotech

13-Nov-2012 US: Scientist - Analytical Biology

13-Nov-2012 US: Accessions Tech in Biotech

06-Nov-2012 US-MD-Rockville: Biostatistician in Biotech

06-Nov-2012 US-Florida : Biomedical Technician

30-Oct-2012 US: Scientist in Biotech

30-Oct-2012 US: Clinical Research Quality Assurance

23-Oct-2012 US: Research Associate

23-Oct-2012 US-MA: r. Associate Scientist

16-Oct-2012 US-MA-Cambridge: Associate Research Fellow Biotherapeutics

16-Oct-2012 Switzerland - Allschwil: Biostatistics

09-Oct-2012 Hungary: Senior CRA in Biotech

09-Oct-2012 US-NY-NewYork: Transaction Advisory Services Senior Manager

02-Oct-2012 US: Mechanical/Bioprocess/Biochemical Engineer

02-Oct-2012 US: Biostatistician

25-Sep-2012 US: Sr. Scientist in Biotech

25-Sep-2012 US-CT-Groton: Bio Assay Dev.Technician

18-Sep-2012 US-PA-Malvern: Research Scientis in Biotech

18-Sep-2012 US-MA: Scientist BioMolecular Discovery/Assay Development

11-Sep-2012 US-MD-Rockville: Research - Biotech

11-Sep-2012 China-Beijing: Senior Scientist

04-Sep-2012 China-Beijing: Biochemistry Scientist

04-Sep-2012 US-CA-Fremont: Scientist, Research in Biotech

28-Aug-2012 US-Pennsylvania-Wayne: Scientist -Cell Based Assays-

28-Aug-2012 US-MD-Rockville: Scientist III-Biochemistry

21-Aug-2012 India-Hyderabad-Secunderabad: Scientist in Biotech

21-Aug-2012 US-WA-Seattle: Sr Scientist - QC Bioanalytical

14-Aug-2012 China-Beijing: Biochemistry Scientist

14-Aug-2012 US-NV-Reno: Research Assistant III Lab Sciences

07-Aug-2012 US-PA-Malvern: Research Scientist in biotech

07-Aug-2012 China-Beijing: Group Leader in Discovery Biology

31-Jul-2012 US-NV-Reno: Research Assistant II Lab Sciences

31-Jul-2012 China-Beijing: Molecular Biology Scientist

24-Jul-2012 China-Beijing: Biochemistry Scientist

24-Jul-2012 US-PA-Malvern: Research Scientist in Biotech

17-Jul-2012 US-CA-Irvine: Biomedical Engineer

17-Jul-2012 US-CA-MENLOPARK: Biochemical Engineer in Biotech

10-Jul-2012 US: Bioengineer

10-Jul-2012 US-CA-Benicia: Scientist in Biotech


03-Jul-2012 US-MA-Burlington: Research Analyst in Biotech

26-Jun-2012 US-CA-Foster: Staff Engineer Bioengineering

26-Jun-2012 US-MA: Research Analyst Immune

19-Jun-2012 US: Principal Scientist, Formulations

19-Jun-2012 US: Clinical Research

12-Jun-2012 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Sr. Program Manager, Bio-Repository

12-Jun-2012 US-CA-Irvine: Research Asssociate in Biotech

05-Jun-2012 US-CA-Irvine: Clinical Research Associate

05-Jun-2012 US-MA: Associate Scientist - Translational Biology

29-May-2012 Staff Scientist in Bioanalytical sciences

29-May-2012 US: Senior Process Development Engineer

22-May-2012 US-MA: Director of Product Development

22-May-2012 US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

15-May-2012 US-OH-Wilmington: QA Associate in Biotech

15-May-2012 US-CA-SantaMonica: Scientist in Stem Cell Research

08-May-2012 US-CA-SantaMonica: Senior Clinical Research Associate

08-May-2012 US-CA-SantaClara: Product Manager-Bioinformatics

01-May-2012 US-MA-Lexington: Senior Scientist in Biotech

01-May-2012 US-CA-Pleasanton: Scientist III, Chemistry

24-Apr-2012 US-MA-Lexington: Senior Scientist in Biology

24-Apr-2012 US-MA: Scientist in Biochemists

17-Apr-2012 US-MA-Marlborough: Research Associate in Biotech

17-Apr-2012 US: Principal Scientist in biomathematics

10-Apr-2012 US-MA-Waltham: Associate Scientist - Compound Management

10-Apr-2012 US-MA-Marlborough: Senior Scientist in Biotech

03-Apr-2012 US-CO-FortCollins: Senior Scientist in Biotech

03-Apr-2012 US-Seattle-Washington: Clinical Research Manager

27-Mar-2012 US-CA-Sunnyvale: Associate Scientist in Biotech

27-Mar-2012 US: Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs

20-Mar-2012 US-CA-Emeryville: Solution Biophysics Scientist

20-Mar-2012 US-MN-Minneapolis: Research Biotechnologist

13-Mar-2012 US-CA-Emeryville: Ph.D. scientist

13-Mar-2012 US-MA-Bedford: Microbiology Technician

06-Mar-2012 US-MA: Scientist in biochemist

06-Mar-2012 US-MA-Bedford: Microbiology Technician

28-Feb-2012 US-MA-Cambridge: Biostatistician in Biotech

28-Feb-2012 US-: Senior Research Associate, Biochemistry

21-Feb-2012 Clinical Laboratory Scientist

21-Feb-2012 US-CA-Washington: Biostatistical Programming Manager

14-Feb-2012 US: Research Associate in Biotech

14-Feb-2012 US-TX-Sugarland: Senior Research Scientist

08-Feb-2012 US-Colorado-Lafayette: Associate Bioinformatics Developer

08-Feb-2012 Switzerlan: Associate Director in Biotech

31-Jan-2012 Greece-Athens: Medical Information Mgr

31-Jan-2012 US-MA-Needham: Regulatory Affairs Scientist in Biotech

24-Jan-2012 CHINA-Shanghai: Service Specilist in Bioscience

24-Jan-2012 US-MA-Cambridge: Associate Scientist in Bioanalytical Chem

17-Jan-2012 US: Validation Engineer in Biotech

17-Jan-2012 US-NY-Albany: Research Scientist in Biotech

10-Jan-2012 US-CA-Irvine: Sr. Manager in biotech

10-Jan-2012 Research Assistant/Associate

03-Jan-2012 US-GA-Duluth: Principal Scientist in Biotech

03-Jan-2012 US-MA-Canton: QC Analyst Microbiology

27-Dec-2011 US-MA: Engineer in Biotech

27-Dec-2011 US-Missouri-StLouis: Research Associate - Molecular Biology

20-Dec-2011 US-Maryland-Baltimore: Senior Scientist in Biotech

20-Dec-2011 US-CA-Fremont: Research and Development Scientist

13-Dec-2011 US-Michigan-Kalamazoo: Research and Development Medical Scientist

13-Dec-2011 US-NorthCarolina-Durham: Sr. Clinical Research Associate

06-Dec-2011 US-CA-Emeryville: Research Associate/Scientist in Biotech

06-Dec-2011 US: Bioinformatics Scientist

29-Nov-2011 US-: Molecular Biology Diagnostics

29-Nov-2011 US-CA-MountainView: Principal Scientist in Biotech

22-Nov-2011 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Associate Scientist in Biotech

22-Nov-2011 US-UT-SaltLake: Scientist Principal in Biotech

15-Nov-2011 US-FL-FtLauderdale: Scientist in Pharm Tech

15-Nov-2011 US-CA-Irvine: Sr. Scientist in Biotech

08-Nov-2011 US: Quality Assurance Supervisor in Biotech

08-Nov-2011Sr. Biology Professional US-CA-Irvine: Sr. Biology Professional

01-Nov-2011 US-NY-PortWashington: Sr. Scientist in Biotech

01-Nov-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Drug Information Specialist

25-Oct-2011 US-NY-PortWashington: Biomedical Engineer

25-Oct-2011 US-IL-Rolling: Clinical Research Associate in Biotech

18-Oct-2011 US-MA-Rockland: Senior Clinical Research Associate

18-Oct-2011 US-MD-StLouis: Research Scientist in Biotech

11-Oct-2011 Canada-Montreal: Clinical Researcher in Biotech

11-Oct-2011 US-MD-Gaithersburg: RESEARCH ASSOCIATE in Biotech

04-Oct-2011 US-MD-Gaithersburg: FORMULATION SCIENTIST

04-Oct-2011 US-CA-WestHills: Scientist in Biotech

27-Sep-2011 US: Biomanufacturing Engineer for Solutions

27-Sep-2011 US-CA-Valencia: Research Associate in Biotech

20-Sep-2011 US-CT-Cheshire:Medical Science Liaison

20-Sep-2011 US-Pennsylvania: Senior Scientist in Biotech

13-Sep-2011 US-WA-Bothell: Senior Scientist in Biotech

13-Sep-2011 US-MD-ChevyChase: Bioinformatics Specialist

06-Sep-2011 US-PA-KingofPrussia: Biological Mass Spectrometry Scientist

06-Sep-2011 US-CT-Cheshire: Development Scientist in Biotech

30-Aug-2011 US-CA-SanFrancisco: Research Associate in Biotech

30-Aug-2011 US-MA-Lexington: Scientist in Biotech

23-Aug-2011 UK-Basingstoke:Clinical Trial Associate I

23-Aug-2011 US-MA: Principal Scientist in Bioinformatics

16-Aug-2011 US-MO-StLouis: ANALYTICAL CHEMIST In Biotech

16-Aug-2011 US-IL-Lincolnshire: Microbiologist in Biotech

09-Aug-2011 US-MD-StLouis: Sr Research Pharmacologist

09-Aug-2011 United-Kingdom: Senior Scientist in Biotech

02-Aug-2011 US : Sr. Research Specialist in Biotech

02-Aug-2011 US-NC-NorthCarolina: Laboratory Chemist

26-Jul-2011 United Kingdom: Bioinformatics Associate Director

26-Jul-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Research Associate in Biotech

19-Jul-2011 US-CA-Tustin: QA Manager in Biotech

19-Jul-2011 US-: Quality Engineer Pharm Chemicals

12-Jul-2011 US-: Research Scientist in Biotech

12-Jul-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Bioinformatics Scientist

05-Jul-2011 US-CA-Tustin: Analytical Biochemistry Associate

05-Jul-2011 US-MA-Billerica: Medical Research Associate

28-Jun-2011 US-CA-Glendale: Research Associate in Biotech

28-Jun-2011 US-WV-Morgantown: Senior Scientist

21-Jun-2011 US-IL-Urbana: Chemist in Biotech

21-Jun-2011 US-WV-Morgantown: Scientist In Biotech

14-Jun-2011 US-OH-Miamisburg: Bioorganic Chemist

14-Jun-2011 US-CA-SanFrancisco: Senior Scientist in Biotech

07-Jun-2011 US-CA-SouthSanFrancisco: Scientist Engineer in Biotech

07-Jun-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Senior Research Scientist in Biotech

31-May-2011 US-NJ-Parsippany: Biopharmaceutics in Biotech

31-May-2011 US: The Clinical Quality Management Director

24-May-2011 US-GA-ROSWELL: Biomedical Engineer

24-May-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Senior Research Associate

20-May-2011 US-FL-FtLauderdale: Scientist in Biotech

20-May-2011 US-CA-Sunnyvale: roduct Development Engineer

10-May-2011 US-CA: The Head of Quality Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing

10-May-2011 US-MA-Cambridge: Clinical Trial Manager

03-May-2011 US-MA-Cambridge: Medical Science Liaison role with specialty pharmaceuticals

03-May-2011 US-MA-Cambridge: Research Associate in Biotech

26-Apr-2011 US-PA: Project Manager Clinical Services

26-Apr-2011 US-MA-Cambridge: Scientist Translational Research

19-Apr-2011 US-CA-Solano: Research Assistant in Biotech

19-Apr-2011 US-Seattle-Washington: Senior Scientist in Biotech

12-Apr-2011 US-Nj-NewJersey: Director Quality Assurance in life sciences

12-Apr-2011 Nutley, New Jersey: Scientist in Biotech

05-Apr-2011 US-PA-HUNTINGDONVALLEY: Life Scientist in Biotech

05-Apr-2011 US-Seattle-Washington: Senior Biostatistician

29-Mar-2011 US-CA-Irvine: Clinical Information Associate

29-Mar-2011 US-PA-MALVERN: Associate Biotechnician

22-Mar-2011 US-CA-Irvine: Sr. Biologist

22-Mar-2011 US-CA-SanDiego: Sr Scientist in Biotech

15-Mar-2011 US-MA-Shirley: Scientist in Biotech

15-Mar-2011 US-TX-SanAntonio: Research Scientist

08-Mar-2011 US-MA-Shirley: Research Technician in Biotech

08-Mar-2011 US-MA-Lexington: Chemistry Manufacturing and Control Director

01-Mar-2011 US-MA-Waltham: Bioanalytical Scientist

01-Mar-2011 UK-Cambridge: Bioinformatics Scientist

22-Feb-2011 US-MA-Waltham: Staff Scientist in Biotech

22-Feb-2011 US-NY-NewYork: Senior Scientist

15-Feb-2011 Canada-ON-Toronto:Clinical Trial Associate

15-Feb-2011 US-WI-Madison: Bioanalytical Staff Scientist

08-Feb-2011 US-PA-FortWashington,: Principle Scientist

08-Feb-2011 US-MI-BattleCreek: Research Assistant in Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical

01-Feb-2011 US-: Biochemistry or Biology Engineer

01-Feb-2011 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Senior Scientist in Biotech

25-Jan-2011 US-CA-LosAngeles: Research Associate BioScience

25-Jan-2011 US: Research Associate in Biotech

18-Jan-2011 US-CA-Sunnyvale: Research Associate

18-Jan-2011 India: Scientific in Biotech

11-Jan-2011 US-IL-McGaw: Clinical Data Manager

11-Jan-2011 US-MD-Gaithersburg: Associate Scientist in Biotech

04-Jan-2011 US-CA-Sunnyvale: Scientist in Biotech

04-Jan-2011 US-PA-KingofPrussia: QC Biochemist