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US: Biochemist-Protein Chemist

Date: 09-Apr-2013
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Biochemist-Protein Chemist

Molecular cloning and site-directed mutagenesis Protein Purification using various chromatographic techniques Analytical characterization of purified protein Characterize protein-protein interactions Characterize protein structure, stability, and solution properties using various biochemical and biophysical approaches

BS with 2-8 years or MS with 0-6 years post degree experience in an academic or industrial setting working with proteins. Hands-on experience with cloning, purification, and characterization of proteins Capable of independently designing experiments, generating data, interpreting results, and documenting work

Experience in purification of non-tagged, low expression, or otherwise difficult to purify proteins Molecular biology experience to optimize gene expression (signal peptide selection, codon optimization, mRNA structure) and use of standard DNA software (Vector NTI and Sequencer) Preformulation stability analysis and excipient selection In silico structural analysis to aid mutagenesis selection Experience in creating/optimizing new analytical separation methods (SEC, RP,

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