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US:Senior Scientist in Biotech

Date: 11-Mar-2016
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Senior Scientist in Biotech

Roles and Responsibilities:

Demonstrates solid scientific approach to planning and executing analysis in the laboratory; Routinely applies personal experience, academic training, and technical insights to solve technical problems; Conducts method development and validation of analytical procedures according to USP and international standards; Evaluates proposed compendial procedures and reference materials; Records experimental data, ensuring clear and accurate transcription of results and calculations; Reviews literature for analytical test methods, as well as interprets and evaluates data; Energetically participates in development teams to strategize and execute technical tasks; Executes all testing and analysis of data with excellence and essentially no errors; Communicates results through oral and written communications. Demonstrates a strong desire to continue learning and grow personal capability; Contributes at internal and external scientific meetings; Pursues, recommends, and implements new approaches or processes to improve laboratory operations; Positively influences project direction by ensuring own work is congruent with overall direction of the development team;

Required Skills

Thorough working knowledge of separation analyses such as liquid and gas chromatography, as well as other general analytical chemistry principles. Knowledge of spectroscopy and elemental analysis by ICP is a plus. Excellent project organization skills and the capability to plan and conduct own work independently. Familiarity with experimental design and effective problem solving skills. Takes personal responsibility to ensure work is delivered on time and is the highest possible quality. Well-developed interpersonal, negotiation, and listening skills. Possesses the skills to anticipate, troubleshoot, and solve technical problems. Highly motivated individual with excellent technical writing and oral communication skills. Experience working in the pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology industry strongly preferred. Experience working with Empower chromatography software is

Required Experience

Education and Experience:

Scientist III: B.A. or B.S. + 7 years, or M.S. + 5 years, or Ph.D., or equivalent experience

Sr. Scientist III: Ph.D. + 2 years experience

Scientist IV: B.A. or B.S. + 9 years, or MS + 7 years, or PhD + 5 years experience

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