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US: Scientist in Biotech

Date: 21-May-2015
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Scientist in Biotech

Required Skills

Strong knowledge background of mammalian cell culture, recombinant protein expression, stable CHO clonal cell line development technologies and fed-batch bioreactor cell culture process. Extensive hands on experience of bioreactor fed-batch culture manufacturing process and CHO cell line development for monoclonal antibody production. Knowledge and experience with stainless steel and single use bioreactor control systems, and understand GMP regulation Industry experience with tech transfer and process scaling up in related to CHO cell culture in fed-batch bioreactor process Strong planning and communication skills in a dynamic project environment. Technical support experience in CMO project and communication with external customers is desired.

Required Experience

Ph.D. with more than 2 years of biotech industry experience, or M.S with over 5 years of biotech industrial experience directly related to job description or B.S with over 8 years direct biotech industry experience and success tracking records. Hands on experience of stable CHO clonal cell line development, and stainless steel /single use bioreactor fed-batch culture manufacturing process for monoclonal antibody production. Understand GMP regulation and FDA/EMA guidance on manufacturing cell line and cell culture process for biologics. Goal oriented team player with excellent communication skills.

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