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US: Fellowship in Biotech

Date: 13-Aug-2015
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Fellowship in Biotech

Desired Skills and Expertise:

Graduate degree preferred, but not required. Background in engineering, design, business, computer science, medicine or a related field. Innate entrepreneurial or builder skillsets Collaborative and enjoy working as part of a larger team Out-of-the box thinkers who embrace change and share our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship

Expect most applicants will be 1-5 years out of their masters or postgraduate degree program, but professionals at any stage of their career or education are welcome to apply.

Encourage applicants from a wide-range of backgrounds and expertise, including, but not limited to, medicine, business, design, computer science, engineering, and research.

Candidates will be evaluated based on their ability to become a leading innovator in healthcare and their ability to add valuable skill sets to their team.

Wll look closely at your demonstrated creativity and past history of building devices, apps, startups, programs, or initiatives.

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