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US: Formulations Chemist

Date: 26-Nov-2013
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Formulations Chemist

The preparation and processing of formulations for preclinical studies perprotocol/SOP I nstructions for dosing of animals by the Pharma Services group.

?Prepare samples for dose verification and testing by Pharma Chemistry.

?Generate and maintain data records on dispensation, preparation, routing and custody of samples and formulations, perGLP/GMP requirementsand our SOP requirements. Maintain active inventory of test articles, controls and carriers.

?Assist Pharma Chemistry in the characterization and verification of formulations, mixtures, carriers and chemical compounds.

?Maintain conformance with Toxikon's quality mission statement, goals and values. Adhere to compliance with ISO17025 certification through the laboratories and operations.

?Ensure work is in full compliance with Toxikonís health and safety programs, radiation and other regulatory programs.

? Prepare monthly calibration records for QA , maintain Formulations Lab and instruments in clean working order, ordersupplies and update, revise and write SOPs as needed

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