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US-Indiana-: Senior Biotransformation Scientist

Date: 26-Mar-2013
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Senior Biotransformation Scientist

• Provide direction for individuals or discrete group, as required.

• Troubleshoot and/or consult on more complex analytical methods and metabolite profiling.

• Keep abreast of literature; interact with peers in the metID scientific arena.

• Contribute to continuous improvement initiatives to increase quality or services and operational efficiency.

• Independently analyze and prepare data, write reports, and manage study flow.

• Ensure quality and timely delivery of the project deliverables to clients.

• Independently interact with clients regarding scientific principles and performance of metabolism studies when directed.

• Propose and evaluate new technologies, techniques, study designs or equipment.

• Provide training and guidance to lower level and new staff as required.

• In-depth knowledge of drug metabolism processes, including analytical method development, metabolite profiling, and structural determination.

• In-depth knowledge of laboratory equipment and instrumentation, with particular focus on MS instrumentation (MS and MS/MS data collection and basic interpretation; instrument trouble shooting).

• Responsible for overseeing performance of group personnel; Ability to mentor staff in data interpretation/scientific innovation/scientific productivity.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, management, and clients.

• Recognized as an effective team member; modeling work on best practices; mentoring team members.

• Knowledge and ability to establish and implement good laboratory practices or other documentation.

• PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology or related field and 3 years’ relevant experience; or Master’s Degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology or related field and 6 years’ relevant experience • Prefer candidates with direct metID, structural elucidation experience, with strong backgrounds in structural organic chemistry and LC/MS, analytical chemistry

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