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US: Research Staff Assistant in Biotech

Date: 02-Jul-2013
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Research Staff Assistant

The position provides an exciting opportunity to learn principles of handling large-scale "omics" data, and help with analysis and data presentation. Most of the work involves detailed analysis of large datasets using specialized mass spectrometry software, MS Excel, other data analysis software, and web-based protein annotation tools. The position will also include laboratory work in protein sample processing and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Other duties include record keeping, ordering lab supplies and support of the instructional program for a graduate course in proteomics.

Candidate must be proficient in MS Excel, MS Office and the MS Windows operating system. Excellent verbal communication and writing skills are also essential for this position. Candidates will be expected to exhibit a high degree of professionalism and integrity in the conduct of their duties.

Bachelor's degree in biological or any of the life sciences, biochemistry, computational biology, bioinformatics or a related field is required.

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