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US-WI-Madison: Bioanalytical Staff Scientist

Date: 15-Feb-2011
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Bioanalytical Staff Scientist

Research and develop analytical methods for validation assays using a variety of analytical techniques for multidisciplined studies to generate results, solve problems, and interpret data of a scientific nature. Undertake original research that includes developing and confirming highly sensitive, reliable assay methodologies for the rapid and accurate analysis of pharmaceuticals in biological fluids and tissues. Perform complex analytical methods on biological matrices, often involving problem solving situations. Apply and interpret scientific theories, concepts, techniques, and regulatory requirements in bioanalytical and mass spectrometry studies and accepts leadership role in developing scientific approaches. Act as research scientist, in a team work setting, for technical direction on complex bioanalytical and mass spectrometry projects. Respond to unscheduled deadlines, client needs, crises, etc. without neglecting other duties. Produce reports for reliable, sensitive, and validated methods of analyses. Author scientific papers which are published in peer reviewed journals. Education/Qualifications

* PhD in analytical chemistry or related degree, with 1 to 2 years of experience. Relevant experience may be substituted for education.


* Experience and knowledge of analytical instrumentation (eg - HPLC, GC, LC/MS/MS).

* Proven track record of analytical method development.

* Skilled in conducting research, compiling data, data interpretation, and writing reports according to regulatory requirements.

* Skilled in performing scientific presentations and preparing scientific publications.

* Knowledge of laboratory automation software, system software, and Microsoft applications.

* Effective oral and written communication skills.

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