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US: Scientist, Assoc-Bioinformatic

Date: 10-Sep-2013
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1. Provide support for the establishment of dedicated hardware, networking and infrastructure for genome wide sequencing, to include storage and maintenance of large volumes of data and data transfers. 2. Provide support for the creation of relational and searchable data structures to manage advanced genomic sequencing. 3. Provide support for the maintenance of the biobank. 4. Provide support for the development of new assays (examples of projects include Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for aneuploidies, Molecular Combing, aptamer analysis for lung cancer evaluation, next generation sequencing). 5. Provide support in the maintenance and troubleshooting of algorithms and interpretation systems for medical diagnostic testing. The role will include training on the algorithms for the analysis of data from such systems as microarrays, mass spectrometry, array CGH etc, plus the development and use of bioinformatics tools for genotyping, gene sequencing and interpretation of data from gene-based testing. 6. Learn and apply new technologies in support of the bioinformatics specialty (For example bioinformatics tools, database systems, software languages and products) 7. Develop tools for data mining of Quest information repositories for research and to improve the quality of the company products.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelorís degree in Science or related field or equivalent experience

2. 2-5 years progressive experience in clinical data management and user support.

3. Must exhibit good verbal and written communication skills and organizational abilities

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