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US-CA-SanDiego: Senior Research Scientist in Biotech

Date: 07-Jun-2011
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Senior Research Scientist, Strain Engineering - Microbiology

Responsibilities: * Construct and isolate hosts strains using various cloning techniques * Work on a team and lead the microbiology efforts on a project * Cultivate at small (96 well plates) and medium scale candidate strains * Develop and apply HTP cultivation techniques for screening processes * Characterize strains (growth, metabolite profiling…) * Work and interact on a daily schedule with the molecular biology and fermentation teams * Acquisition, evaluation, and presentation of data * Follow and create standard operating procedures

Qualifications: * PhD in Microbiology or related field, with a strong background in microbiology, central metabolism and bacterial physiology * 5+ years post-graduate, industrial experience in microbiology, bacterial physiology or related field (or Master’s with 8+ years industry experience) * Experience in isolation, culture, storage and archiving of various microorganisms * Experience in host modification and/ or bacterial recombination * Experience with high throughput cultivation techniques * Excellent laboratory skills, proficient in a wide variety of molecular biology techniques (DNA cloning, recombination, DNA isolation, etc.) * Basic understanding of fermentation (small scale), and knowledge of anaerobic microorganisms is a plus * Very good computer skills, able to manage, organize, and critically evaluate data * Excellent organization and communication skills (both written and oral)

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