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US: Senior Clinical Scientist

Date: 19-Nov-2015
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Senior Clinical Scientist

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for strategic planning of breast cancer risk stratification product development and clinical validation. Participates on a strategic level with R&D, marketing, regulatory, and sales. Identify and establish working relationships with critical academic and industrial partners to initiate breast cancer risk analysis research. Conduct research projects to develop comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment algorithms that can be practically implemented in breast cancer screening programs to improve screening efficiency and outcome. In charge of clinical and scientific collaboration with key customers and opinion leaders in the areas of breast cancer risk modeling, genetic research, and treatment. Responsible for defining development roadmap, compliance to the development schedule, and growing the organization as required to meet the developmental roadmap. Perform clinical studies required for regulatory clearance and promotion of broader clinical use of new products.


Strong knowledge in cancer biology and risk factors, and experience with breast cancer is desired. Clinical or research experience in breast cancer risk modeling/biomarker development and statistics. Strong project management skills and experience in academic/industrial collaboration. Successful track record in applying and conducting NIH/NCI funded clinical research activities.


PhD in related science fields, such as physics, biomedical engineering, computer vision.


5+ years of relevant scientific/clinical experience.

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