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US: Scientist- Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology

Date: 27-Aug-2013
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Scientist- Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology

The individual should have expertise in designing enzymatic/biochemical mechanism of action studies as well as mechanistic cell-based assays which are predictive of target biology. The individual will be expected to evaluate new technologies, implement novel assays with automation, while maintaining a strong emphasis on defining high-quality structure-activity relationships of small molecules within multi-disciplinary project teams.

In the project team setting, the individual will serve as the biochemical and cellular pharmacology representative within a large multi-disciplinary project team. In this capacity, the candidate should have a solid understanding of the progression of small molecule drug discovery programs from early stage lead validation, lead optimization and candidate selection. The specific role of the biochemical and cellular pharmacology representative is to provide robust SAR data (enzyme and cellular) back to the project team, define the mechanism of action of targeted inhibitors, provide scientific input on the importance of various cellular, biochemical and selectivity assays, and design more complex mechanism of action studies as needed.

A Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biophysics, or a related field is required, with 3+ years industrial experience. The candidate should have experience in the design, validation, and execution of biochemical and cell-based assays, as well as experience with defining mechanism of action of small molecule inhibitors. Experience in the areas of oncology, enzyme kinetics, and/or cellular mechanistic studies are desirable. Individuals with strong leadership and supervisory skills and with experience participating in or leading multi-disciplinary project teams

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