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US-CA-Emeryville: Solution Biophysics Scientist

Date: 20-Mar-2012
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Solution Biophysics Scientist

•Design, develop, and implement SPR and other biophysical assays suitable for hit identification and validation as part of ongoing fragment-based screening efforts. •Drive the implementation of new technological approaches and capabilities in regards to solution biophysics. •Create and implement project plans, and coordinate workflow and logistics to meet project goals and milestones. •Participate on multidisciplinary teams to evaluate new leads and to validate new targets.

•Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Biophysics, or other relevant field, with 3-10 years of relevant postgraduate experience, including biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical industry experience. •In-depth knowledge of biophysics is required, and experience with SPR technology and its application in fragment-based screen are essential. Experience with biophysics assay technologies such as fluorescence-based techniques (FP, FRET), calorimetry (ITC, DSC), light scattering (StarGazer) are highly desirable. •Experience in structure-based drug design and the optimization of ligand-efficient fragments would be a plus. •Experience with laboratory instrumentation and automation, data analysis and management, and a sound knowledge of the drug discovery process is also highly desirable. •Some knowledge of current infectious disease and oncology research is a plus. •Ability to devise experimental strategies and execute them in a timely manner to produce goal-oriented results is essential.

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