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US: Scientist II in Biotech

Date: 01-Oct-2015
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Scientist II, Chem & Mol Therapeutics

The successful candidate will work in a small team to develop approaches to generate and validate target hypotheses for candidate therapeutics emerging from functional genomic or chemoproteomic screens.

He/she will support target identification and validation efforts through developing cellular, molecular, and chemical biology tools to identify and characterize small molecule - protein interactions and regulation of signaling pathways. He/she will closely collaborate with our mass spectrometry (proteomics) and phenotypic screening programs. Active interfacing with therapeutic research teams - in neurology, immunology, tissue repair, and hematology areas - and participating in project teams will also be essential responsibilities.

Qualifications Molecular and cellular biology skills in cloning, transfections, RNAi methodologies and familiarity with cell-based assays are required.

The candidate is also required to have a solid understanding of signaling pathways. Experience with genome editing techniques (e.g. CRISPR/Cas9, ZFN, TALEN) , RNAseq, basic small molecule pharmacology, target identification, mechanism of action, chemoproteomics, and chemical biology approaches is a plus.

Strong record of delivering biological insights through chemical, molecular, and cellular studies is highly desirable.

Education PhD in cell biology, molecular biology, or chemical biology

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