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US: Computational Biology or Molecular Biology

Date: 08-Oct-2013
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Computational Biology or Molecular Biology

The candidate will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating pipelines for assay design on the basis of sequence composition, thermodynamic parameters, and genomic annotations.

Develop pipelines for assay design and maintain the data in a relational database infrastructure.

Work with the portal team to deploy customer facing design pipelines.

Work closely with experimental researchers and other members of the Bioinformatics team to develop strategies to analyze the root cause for success and failure.

Improve the designs by iterative analysis of the data obtained. Develop heuristic rules and algorithms to improve the design pipeline.

Analyze sequence data and mine public databases for sequence content.

This position requires the knowledge and skills normally acquired through completion of a MS/PhD in Computational Biology, Computer Science, Molecular Biology or related field, and 5+ years of directly related experience. To qualify, the candidate must have experience in Perl plus one other programming language (C/C++, or Java) as well as SQL. Hands-on experience with the relevant sequence analysis tools (e.g. Blast, SW, Primer3, etc.), an excellent understanding of genomic databases and their annotations (GenBank, RefSeq, ENSEMBL, dbSNP, UCSC genome browser), demonstrated computer skills in a UNIX environment, and excellent communication and organization skills. A good understanding of the biology behind genotyping, gene expression profiling, comparative genomics and genetic mapping, and an appreciation of the use of statistical methods and mathematical models in the interpretation of biological data and knowledge of molecular diagnostic experience is highly desirable. Experience with next gen sequencing data a plus.

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