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US: Research Associate I Medicinal Chemistry

Date: 25-Jun-2015
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Research Associate I Medicinal Chemistry

More specifically he/she is expected to:

- Develop and execute routes for the synthesis of target molecules, as well as troubleshoot reactions and multistep

reaction sequences with some or minimal input from supervisors

- Propose and explore alternative synthetic routes with some input from supervisors

- Set up synthetic reactions on mg to kg scale, work up, purify reaction mixtures, isolate, characterize products, identify and interpret reaction outcomes

- Contribute some ideas for new molecules based on SAR/SPR analysis or other information

- Maintain close collaboration with fellow chemists and scientists from neighboring functions in a team environment that is focused on achieving success towards common goals

- Prepare and deliver short reports in timely manner

- Contribute to ensuring the safety of self and others both in and out of the laboratory

- Ensure that the company's intellectual property is fully protected by keeping detailed experimental details in laboratory notebooks according to company policy


- Primary responsibility: The synthesis of target molecules by developing and completing synthetic sequences,

troubleshooting reactions and reaction schemes. This entails setting up synthetic reactions on mg to kg scale, working up/purifying reaction mixtures, isolating/characterizing products, identifying/ interpreting reaction outcomes

- He/She is able to come up with alternative synthetic strategies and overcome challenging synthetic problems with some supervision

- Effective in mining chemical and other scientific literature after some guidance and training

- Works effectively in a team of chemists towards same goals. Exhibits flexibility, and adaptability as projects and goals often shift.

- Communicates effectively in written and oral form. He/She is able to write short scientific reports with full experimental details, and give short presentations.


- Bachelors degree in Chemistry and 0-2 years of related experience

- Experience with undergraduate research in organic chemistry laboratory is highly desired

- Fluency in spoken and written English is required

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