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US: Scientist in Biotech

Date: 22-Oct-2015
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Scientist in Biotech

Seek an experienced protein biochemist who will contribute to the ongoing research and development of products including complex assay systems, post-translationally modified proteins and peptides, and recombinant enzymes. The successful candidate will have previously purified proteins from bacterial, insect, and/or mammalian expression systems, and will have theoretical knowledge and preferably hands-on experience with isolation of proteins from eukaryotic tissues.

Required Skills

Proven experience in different protein purification methods including affinity, SEC, HIC, and IEX chromatography using common laboratory equipment such as ?kta FPLC, HPLC, microfluidizer, etc. Practical experience in the areas of protein labeling/chemical modifications, enzymology, and assay development will also be required. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for reporting results to the team and generating documentation including SOPís. The candidate must have strong problem solving, analytical, and organizational skills, and be highly motivated and work well in a small-team environment.

Educational Requirements

The position requires a Bachelors or Masterís Degree in Biological Sciences (no PhDís) with 2-5 years of relevant experience, preferably in an industrial setting. Experience in the field of ubiquitin or cell signaling processes is a plus.

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