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Date: 19-Mar-2013
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Scientist IV, Immunology & Inflammation-

* Independently or with minimal supervision design and conduct experiments aimed at target identification and validation for autoimmune/inflammatory disease indications. * Independently or with minimal supervision develop and implement cellular and molecular assays and potentially PK/PD models useful for the identification and characterization of small molecule and biologic drug candidates. * Initiates, designs, interprets accurately, troubleshoots and completes routine procedures independently and efficiently; initiates, designs, interprets accurately, troubleshoots and completes non-routine and difficult procedures generally without supervision; Conducts exploratory experiments * Proposes, gains support for and implements ideas from individualís knowledge of science and technology and understanding of drug discovery process * Proposes, evaluates and implements new technologies; independently applies basic scientific principles, performs literature searches, attends scientific meetings, and keeps abreast of literature in own field * Effectively communicates and defends own work, orally and in writing, in the context of the team goals at meetings * Demonstrates a solid level of technical proficiency in field; trains technicians and junior level scientists in this field * Reports and treats data with a high level of integrity and ethics * Complies with applicable regulations, performing all work in a safe manner; Maintains proper records in accordance with SOPs and policies * Participate in cross departmental project teams when assigned

* Masterís Degree in Immunology, Biology, Biochemistry or related discipline with 6+ years experience in a related scientific discipline or Bachelorís Degree with 10+ years experience in a related field or equivalent experience in a related field

* Demonstrated hands-on experience in conducting as well as design and implementation of cellular and molecular assays. * Ability to design and troubleshoot laboratory experiments, evaluate and interpret results, perform literature searches, work with automation equipment when necessary in an independent manner (or with minimal supervision). * Advanced training in the area of technical expertise. * Demonstrate knowledge of field. * Propose new experimental designs, Conduct probing experiments. * Proven problem solving ability. * Conduct work in a safe manner and comply with all mandated guidelines and policies. * Working knowledge of computer software including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. * Provide training and guidance to laboratory personnel. * Prepare technical reports, publications and oral presentations. * Act as a leader in absence of supervisor. * Appropriate level of understanding of applicable regulation

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