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US-MD-ChevyChase: Bioinformatics Specialist

Date: 13-Sep-2011
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Bioinformatics Specialist I

, * Experience with the use and development of bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of whole human genome or exome sequencing with a solid background in computational biology/biostatistics. * Work within a team of postdoctoral research fellows within ongoing projects of disease gene identification. * Use and improve algorithms of NextGen sequence evaluation for deleterious disease-causing alleles (SNPs, indels, CNVs) in Mendelian disorders. * Interacti with colleagues and graduate students in the lab as well as occasional IT maintenance in collaboration with the strong existing IT support. There are ample opportunities of interactions with bioinformaticians in the Department of Human Genetics, the Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics (CCMB), and the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.

* M.S. or higher, in a related field and experience in the field are a requirement for this position. * Excellent personal and communication skills and the ability and desire to interact with a team of scientists in the lab and beyond are essential. * Strong background is necessary in one or more of the following areas: bioinformatics, biostatistics, programming (e.g., R, C, Perl, Java) and other IT skills. * Some lab experience in genetics or molecular biology is helpful as well as qualifications in web-based user interface development and database management.

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