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US: Senior Scientist in Biotech

Date: 19-Jun-2013
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Senior Scientist

# Oversee the design, execution, and monitoring of non-clinical studies, analysis and interpretation of the data, and ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements. # Develop animal models of laser-induced eye diseases. # Develop animal models of inflammatory eye diseases. # Conduct small animal surgery and tissue collection. # Develop and oversee histological and microscope techniques for evaluation of anatomical pharmacodynamic endpoints. # Develop analytical techniques for assaying levels of pharmacodynamic markers in tissue and biofluids # Make detailed observations, analyzes data, and interprets results. # Discusses findings with supervisor to evaluate validity of findings. # Prepare periodic summary reports and deliver presentations which are clear and concise. # Participate in scientific conferences and contribute to scientific journals. # Maintain familiarity with current scientific literature. # Conduct pathway mining, new target identification, bio marker identification # Bachelor degree in a scientific field (Biology, Pharmacology or Biochemistry preferred) with a minimum of 3 years current experience in progressive roles in biotech, pharma, or CROs. # Post education degree desired. # Experience in non-clinical development, particularly in the design and execution of in vivo studies. # Experience with laser-induced choroidal neovascularization or retinal vessel occlusion in rodents desired. # Experience with animal models of diabetic retinopathy desired. # Experience with animal models of immunological or inflammatory diseases desired. # Experience supervising technical personnel desired. # Substantial experience and desire to perform in vivo experimental studies. # Intermediate computer skills, including data analysis skills and ability to produce scientific reports and presentations of research. # Good organizational, record keeping and communication skills. # Effective analytical, problem solving and judgment skills. # Strong attention to detail and a commitment to working in a team environment. # Ability to manage work independently while working effectively in a team

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