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US-IA-Eddyville: Research Biotechnologist

Date: 26-Feb-2013
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Research Biotechnologist

* Ph.D. degree in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, or related bioscience field * Detailed knowledge of microbial physiology and metabolic pathways in particular * Experience in enzyme utilization, and/or biotransformations * Experience with a variety of microorganisms, including yeast, bacteria, and fungi * Strong interest in developing skills in fermentation technology for industrial purposes * Documented ability to design, carry out, and report (independently and in collaboration with other members of project teams) experiments, results, and conclusions * Experience working in a team setting with internal and external collaborators * Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills * Effective interpersonal and team skills * Flexible, organized, ability to handle multiple priorities * Demonstrated awareness of safety

* Deep knowledge and experience in fermentation development, industrial process improvement and microbial physiology * Knowledge and experience in developing fermentations for bio-products * Knowledge of Intellectual Property protection * Analytical skills particularly in carbohydrate chemistry * Experience with statistical process evaluation * Knowledge of enzyme applications particularly in an industrial setting.

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