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US-: Biochemistry or Biology Engineer

Date: 01-Feb-2011
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Biochemistry or Biology Engineer

B.S. or M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry or Biology. Basic knowledge of: i) Microbial cellular physiology (viz. E. coli, Saccharomyces sp., and/or Pichia pastoris; ii) Fermentation technology; iii) Sterile techniques and working knowledge of routine laboratory procedures and/or plant equipment/operations is a requirement.

Preferred qualifications:

Experience with mass transfer models and scale-up of bioreactors or heterogeneous multi-phase systems is strongly preferred. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of equipment and procedures relating to process development for the manufacture of bio-pharmaceuticals is preferred. This would include, hands on experience with cultivating cells at high cell densities and operation of small scale bioreactors. A working knowledge of statistical approaches (multi-variate analysis, DoE) and statistical software is preferred. In addition, the successful candidate should possess: the ability to plan and execute experiments and to analyze and draw conclusions from resulting data; excellent verbal and written communication skills; and a demonstrated ability to work as part of a project team.


The candidate will be part of a team responsible for the development of Phase 1, Phase 3 and commercial-scale processes for the production of therapeutic proteins. The employee designs and conducts experiments in shake flasks and bioreactors to identify optimal process condition; uses on-line and off-line instrumentation and analytical techniques to assess process performance; uses statistical tools to analyze data; and summarizes results in written reports and oral presentations. The candidate will also participate in technology transfer of the process to a clinical and/or commercial manufacturing site.

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