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Date: 03-Jul-2012
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This position will provide an exciting work environment, valuable industry experience, and the opportunity for advancement. This position will be responsible for the following duties:

* Involved in qPCR microbial assay development activities * Can perform the experiments, analyze the results, and report to the team. * Responsible for accomplishing individual goals, meeting project timelines and collaborating with other team members.

Job Requirements

Qualified candidates must have the knowledge and skills acquired though the completion of B.S. degree in Molecular Biology or related field plus 2+ years of industrial experience or M.S. degree in qPCR biotech, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, beverage or cosmetic industry. You also have:

* Good understanding of qPCR and other detection methods including TaqMan® and a desire to perform hands-on laboratory work * Experience in development and commercialization of qPCR assays * Knowledge in statistical methods for experimental design and data analysis * Strong communication skills * A positive attitude * Fluency in French is a bonus

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