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Date: 19-Feb-2016
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Scientistin Biotech

General Responsibilities:

Reaches out to key academic laboratories in area of immunology and inflammation research and establishes working collaborations to target and validate key antibody markers. Contributes own research and knowledge to target selection for development of new antibodies in current areas of focus including immunology and inflammation. Has a breadth of expertise in the assays used in the study of immunology and inflammation. Also has the ability to interpret data and critically examine assays to confirm correct biology and specificity of antibodies. Reads papers in depth in one or more relevant scientific areas, builds expertise. Evaluates opportunities to develop target specific content and make strong arguments for or against proceeding with investment. Uses word processing, graphing, presentation and spreadsheet programs effectively. Demonstrates effective communication skills through informal discussions with peers, supervisor, external collaborators and team. Serves as primary author of scientific publications (posters/papers) and presents at conferences. Understands the technical vision/mission of the department and company. Begins to build a track record of successful products that make significant contribution to the company. Effectively uses the project management and company systems. Reinforces strong relationships with other departments (Marketing/Operations). Set example for others through thoroughness, accuracy, and commitment. Suggests improvements for departmental processes and practices. Works with other stakeholders in R&D and across departments to ensure timelines and quality requirements are met. Follows departmental requirements, SOPs, writes specifications, figure legends and other documentation needed for commercialization and manufacturing of antibodies. Begins to contribute ideas for new products and improvements to procedures. Has a strong knowledge of relevant scientific fields. Gives effective scientific presentations. Maintains in-depth knowledge of relevant fields and techniques. Attends scientific conferences and presents work through posters and publications. Other duties as assigned.

Lab Responsibilities:

Serves as Technical Leader on R&D projects. Coordinates development and validation of antibody projects with internal and external groups. Uses expertise in immunology and inflammation to evaluate and validate antibodies in immunoassays including Flow Cytometry, Immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation, Western Blotting, ELISA, ChIP and other assays. Troubleshoots and provides solutions using technical expertise and knowledge of antibody target. Uses relevant biological systems and creativity in validation. Delivers high quality data to meet and exceed customer expectations. Demonstrates mastery of laboratory methods and shows ability to develop new methods. Analyzes experimental data, and effectively explains conclusions. Designs and executes follow-on experiments independently.

Required Qualifications:

Strong background in immunology and inflammation. 2+ years experience directly working with immunology and inflammation markers and working in field of immunology and inflammation in a research or industrial setting. Masters of Science Degree and 5+ years of experience or Ph.D. with 2 + years of postdoctoral experience. 5+ years of experience in the areas of protein assays, cell culture, protein expression / purification, ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation, and Flow Cytometry. Strong cell biology, molecular biology and protein biology background. Heavy experience using antibodies as part of daily routine in research.

Desired Qualifications:

Extensive knowledge of antibody characteristics and methods of characterization, prior experience developing and characterizing antibodies. Publications in peer reviewed journals. History of forming and leading collaborations across multiple organizations. Strong self-motivated and drives for excellence and productivity.

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