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Date: 12-Jun-2013
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Use advanced computational and experimental techniques and facilities to address a wide range of biomechanics and biomaterials issues; apply advanced probabilistic analysis and reliability methods to investigate how uncertainties associated with biological systems affect predictions of musculoskeletal performance and functionality; develop and analyze numerical models of biomechanical structures, soft tissue, and related structures; develop and apply non-linear constitutive models of biological materials; conduct computational/experimental engineering analysis; participate and eventually lead individual and collaborative research projects as well as develop, promote and write proposals for research programs; interact with commercial and government clients; write and present reports and technical papers.

Requires a MS or PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering or related field with graduate studies or research experience in computational biomechanics and a minimum 3.5 GPA. MS requires a minimum of 2 years of related experience; PhD requires 0-2 years related experience.

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