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US:Research Scientist, Senior

Date: 15-Jan-2013
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Research Scientist, Senior

Job Responsibilities 1. Identification of promising enzymes for the construction of metabolic pathways to produce chemical target compounds sustainably. 2. Recombinant protein production, purification, and characterization of enzyme candidates. 3. Develop and use functional assays to characterize enzyme candidates 4. Design and implement small-scale in vitro and in vivo studies to assess function of enzyme candidates in the context of metabolic pathways 5. Work productively and collaboratively with members of the molecular biology, microbiology, enzymology and analytical teams 6. Write reports and make presentations to communicate findings to interdisciplinary project team, and actively make positive contributions to progressing projects

Minimum Education and Experience Typically PhD in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Enzymology, Biology, or Microbiology (or other related field), and 5-8 years related experience; may include post doctoral experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience in enzymology and/or protein engineering research

Minimum Competencies and Skills 1. Expert knowledge of scientific principles and concepts in enzymology and protein structure and function 2. Proficient in recombinant protein production (bacteria/yeast), protein purification methods, in vitro enzyme assay design and analysis of reaction kinetics and energetics 3. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team the candidate must have excellent communication and teamwork skills. 4. Must be motivated and organized. 5. Proven ability and independence in experimental design and problem solving. Ability to apply knowledge to the development of concepts, to solve extremely complex problems requiring an evaluation of intangible variables, and achieve objectives in creative and effective ways 6. Basic understanding of central metabolism 7. Thorough understanding of research and development processes and scientific literature, including strategies and rationale pertinent to assigned projects 8. Ability to manage and develop others.

Desirable Competencies and Skills 1. Experience with the evaluation of in vivo protein quality, particularly tolerance to biomass hydrolysate, pathway intermediates, and the chemical target of interest. 2. An understanding of the issues and opportunities for enzyme/pathway development approaches that may improve biomass-sugar-to-chemical rate, titer, and yield 3. Experience with enzyme engineering/directed evolution 4. Experience with molecular biology techniques and basic synthetic biology approaches

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