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US: Research Scientist in Biotech

Date: 18-Dec-2012
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Research Scientist in Biotech

Research Scientist in Biotech


1. Become competent in the application of multiple techniques (e.g., sequencing, PCR).

2. Prepare technical summaries and protocols at a rudimentary level and a summary of experimental work.

3. Assist others in identifying problems in project planning and execution of the plan.

4. Prepare summaries of experimental work.

5. Identify and solve elementary problems in experimental design and use appropriate experimental controls.

6. Demonstrate basic knowledge of product line.

7. Understand if outcome of work will meet a product performance specification.

8. Work at bench.

9. Understands and complies with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.


1. A.D./B.S. degree in scientific discipline with 4+ years post graduate lab experience.


1. Ability to work at lab bench or fume hood for extended period of time.

2. Ability to wear protection gear (gloves, lab coat, safety glasses, etc.).

3. Ability to operate a computer.

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