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US: Associate Scientist-Protein and Cell Sciences

Date: 17-Sep-2013
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Associate Scientist-Protein and Cell Sciences

* Development of stable, clonal cell lines for the expression of therapeutic candidate proteins.

* Technology development and/or evaluation to improve productivity of cell lines/process or throughput of cell line development or predictive models

* Productive interactions with other members of PCS, NBE organization, and Research, which enable projects and technologies to move forward

* MS with up to 3-5 years experience or BS and 5-7 years experience. * Fluent in English * It is essential that the candidate has knowledge and experience of general cell culture techniques, including transfection, selection, cloning, small scale production models and protein expression. Direct experience with mammalian cell lines such as CHO, HEK-293 and NS/0 is preferred. * Familiarity with instruments commonly used in the cell line generation lab: Guava, Cedex, ViCell, Octet, Cellavista, FACS Aria. Use of automated systems, is a plus. * A strong background in cell and molecular biology, with experience in host cell engineering, cell culture process development, vector development, and/or development of novel assays to aid in cell line generation, is highly desirable. * Must be able to effectively communicate both verbally and in written form with peers and senior management * Familiarity with analytical assays, as they relate to protein product quality, is a plus. * Familiarity with cell culture performance at various scales, from multi-well plates to bioreactors, is a plus. * Experience with developing cell lines for multiple projects, within a platform framework, is highly desirable

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