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US: Sr Scientist, Bioassay Development

Date: 29-Oct-2013
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Sr Scientist, Bioassay Development

Responsibilities include:

1) Develops and qualifies bioassays, including potency assays and impurity assays, for drug process development, lot release and characterization. An important part of this responsibility is to explore new technologies and assay platforms.

2) Prepares standard protocols and development/qualification reports. Prepares and delivers scientific presentations.

3) Transfers bioassays into QC. Provides technical advice. Provides bioassay testing support for development and release samples when necessary.

4) Manages junior scientists.

5) Participates in group- and departmental-related business practices.

Qualifications 1) Demonstrated ability to manage the development and qualification of bioassay methods for characterization and control of biopharmaceutical molecules. 2) Experience in bioassay development and qualification. 3) Good communication skills, both written and oral. 4) Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic team environment and collaborate effectively. 5) Good time and project management skills, ability to manage several projects simultaneously. 6) Strong managerial skills. Education Ph.D. in biochemistry, biology or related field with at least 6 years of hands-on experience in bioassay method development preferably in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry

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